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Well bitcoin was created as an alternative to the banking system. You can send money without intermediaries. Residents of countries like Iran, North Korea do not have access to our banking system and their transactions are censored and they really need Bitcoin.

I think this is the most feasible way to market the SAFE network. If I go to a company and show them a use case then I can be like “oh look and I have exactly how much safecoin you need for X price” … as long as its not way off they will probably just buy from me like “whatever this is less then we would pay for any other similar solution and this guy brought it to us so lets buy from him/her”

TV commercials and similar I have to wonder who is gonna pay for all this. Why would I want to be the person spending money when the reward is shared by everyone. Just let someone else do it.

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My take is that the main reason more people don’t own bitcoin (or any other crypto) is because it is still too confusing and cumbersome to purchase for the “man-in-the-street”. But then, other cryptos don’t have Jim Collinson working on this problem. That, by itself, makes Safe a much better bet than any other “coin”.


While everyone else talked XRP went to 0.60.

Everything went up, except HEX :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me explain why. 4 days ago, everyone stacked Hex for BigPayDay and each received between 30-100% more Hex. Literally 30% inflation of the entire currency in 1 day. So it may seem that Hex did not go up in price, but some people have doubled their money :wink:

To be more clear: the Safe marketing fund had 47349 HEX (186,60$), now it has 85067 HEX (335,24$) at today’s price

Plus of course it makes more money every day because I stake it:


I was not talking about marketing Safe, but marketing the possibility of opting yourself out from the use of official population data for direct marketing, which is a case in Finland. @Sascha just said that the option to opt-out is not much advertised, and I was trying to make a joke out of (direct)marketing the possibility to opt-out from direct marketing. “Hello, does this kind of marketing call annoy you? GREAT! We have a good news for you…”

Of course the joke would be better if really carried out, and I personally would find this kind of joke fun enough to spend some money for it with no other personal benefit, than the irrational fun of it. But MAID / SN token should be maybe at least 500€ so that my laughter would not be limited by the personal economical impact. :grinning:

But in general, I think I’d enjoy spending on this kind of jokes more than spending on a Lambo, for example - even though the “benefit” is shared by everyone.


Hedonism has not brought happiness to anyone. A life full of meaning makes you wake up in the morning wanting to make the world a better place :dragon:

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I’m sure you are right on this one.

But I think hedonism is often misunderstood. Nowadays it often brings to mind an image of a selfish, overtly rich person having everything in excess, eating too much good things on every meal - or something like that. But at least in ancient Greek hedonism meant simply looking for pleasure and from that point of view it is important, for example, that you don’t do nothing in excess (like eat too much of a good thing), because that is actually not pleasurable. So I think we should not disregard hedonism right away, but it is essential to see where the pleasure actually resides for you, and not to think that excessive wealth and uninhibited lifestyle would automatically bring happiness, or even pleasure. Maximising pleasure probably means some sort of moderation of your primary impulses.

For example, your life may not be very pleasurable, if you are overtly rich and in pains you to see the poorness of others, their lack of basic means.


A Lambo is sooooo yesterday. Tesla Roadster, baby.

Ethical hedonism FTW.

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Lambo with a Tesla powerplant - with software to mimic the power delivery of a 4 litre V12 and a sound system to match. :slight_smile:
Carefully ballasted to get the weight distribution like the original and a 2/4WD switch for safety/authenticity

Hows that for ethical hedonism ?

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As an English man I think it best I don’t judge whats best for your wellbeing.
Don’t poke the bear.

EH? <-- ethical hedonism or WTF you on about?

Whats being English got anything to do with it?
Be proud, the English (Jaguar) made the finest V12 ever and in far larger numbers than Ferrari and Lambos combined.

Not everything BL made was shite - just 90% of it.

You lost me here…

We’ve reached that part of the bitcoin price cycle where you should think about selling.

We always get these stories at or near the peak just before experienced traders cash out.


But but but this time is different!

Although I wouldn’t doubt some institutional and high net worth fomo. The argument against the dollar inflating and going down in value is finally pretty clear to the rich or those with large cash positions. Look at bitcoin decouple from gold. The stars look like they are aligning in the same predictable manner they have previously for bitcoin. Will there be nasty pullbacks? Yes at some point but is that when retail finally is convinced to buy back in? Crypto community doesn’t seem to know where or whether to short the previous ATH at the moment.

Nothing wrong with setting a stop loss under invalidation levels so you know the trend has changed, you stay in profit, and you avoid missing more potential gains.


Seems a bit too soon in the cycle for selling. The previous ATH hasn’t been breached yet. Maybe folk will take some profit and have a breather (in alts?), but I suspect the bull run is just getting started.


Funny enough, I love Safe Network for the technology and privacy aspects, but I’ve only ever held a passing interest in crypto price fluctuations in general. Can somebody briefly explain why bitcoin and friends suddenly exploded to December 2017 levels?

The article @zoki linked, mentions investors using it as a store of value like gold or bonds in uncertain times, but this seems a little counterintuitive, no? When times were most uncertain in March after Corona Virus entered the public consciousness, crypto crashed. Yet now it’s doing the opposite despite similar uncertainty? Besides the fact that, given the comparatively unregulated and volatile nature of crypto, using it as a safe store of value seems dubious when you’re concerned about losing your investments I would think?


It’s very simple. There are more people who buy than those who sell. The weak hands let go, the strong ones catch. The cycle repeats. That’s really all.


You’re saying that the demand for bitcoin went up because of cyclic price movement and not because of reaction to news and recent events?

That’s surprising from my perspective, but maybe I don’t have the stomach for serious crypto investing anyway, when such massive price jumps are a normal part of the cycle…

I’ve heard crypto investors have a very different mentality from traditional investors, and that crypto markets are affected differently/less by global news. If this demand spike is just part of the supply/demand cycle, it would definitely serve as evidence of that theory.

Or, again, maybe I just don’t have a good intuition for the psychology of the markets, and I should just stick to computers :laughing:

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