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Untouchable in the sense that, the project will solve more issues, have more use cases and provide more function than anything on the market. Price is anyone’s guess but you would hope it is commensurate with what the network will offer.


Safecoin has two very strong Pumpamentals:

  • it’s free for 2 billion people with internet
  • you can “eat” it

You see how successful Bitcoin is precisely because it has a freemium in the beginning.

The problem with the most cryptocurrencies is that they are not edible, ie. can be printed on paper by the rich. You can’t do the same with food, water and housing. Safecoin is these 3 things at once.

What would be the price? Growing. We have a growing resource (hdd, cpu, bandwidth) because of technological progress. We have a final currency. Only 4.3 billion. The price will rise along with technological advances and the increase in the resource you can buy with Safecoin.


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This guy knows his stuff. They interviewed him on the gold podcast. Apparently he wrote that book in 23 days.

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Hey @dirvine,

many crypto companies (including storj and bittrex) take out cheap loans because of the virus, have you considered such a possibility?

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We don’t have any debt. It’s something we try hard to maintain. I suspect loans are an issue, if you want to close a business then an easy way is give them a loan, then along the way demand immediate repayment or worse. So they can be dangerous,


Can you please confirm if this refers to traditional bank debt?

Is there still a debt obligation for the 20M loaned maidsafecoin (source)?

Is there some kind of obligation to bnktothefuture shareholders which allows them to exchange maidsafe shares for maidsafecoin (source)? Would this be a kind of debt, or is it considered equity?

Just trying to understand here, not trying to drag up past debates; it seems to me there is some sort of debt.

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Hey Mav,

I participate in both schemes and I can confirm to you that the loaned maidsafecoin have not been returned and that my shares are in the bnktothefuture company, not directly in the MadeSafe company


Yes this is traditional bank debt or institutional debt.

Yes that debt is still in place. It’s covered by my own personal equity. So the company does have a debt to me over a 5 year period after launch. So we can consider it a liability/debt on the company, but not institutional. From an accounting perspective then you are probably correct we are looking at reporting it as a liability, there was a question over it being a contingent liability, but probably easier to make it a current liability.

That is equity, but this is where we worked during the crowd sale to benefit equity holders. Equity holders have an option to “sell” their equity for safecoin. It’s not an obligation and not a company liability. The option becomes valid on launch though and the safecoin don’t come from maidsafe they are created at launch as per the crowd sale docs. That’s just me trying to make sure everyone has options they can execute for their own benefit. It does cause some confusion though, but it’s an option made available by the network and crowd sale agreement.


Speaking of Bnktothefuture, is anyone here that participated NOT an accredited investor?
I noticed they have some kind of check for accreditation by a third party upon login, has anyone done that and what were the results? I’m also curious if they are still sharing BTC mining profits for participating in the Maidsafe crowdfund?

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“Accreditation” usually means self accreditation: answering a handful of questions in an online form. If you answer ‘correctly’ you pass.

I think it’s is really just covering the broker, pretty pointless.


This is true. I lied to the questions to become an accredited investor … :sascha:


Phew okay. I figured I’ve got copies of my shares and that Maidsafe would likely honor the Safecoin allocation but was weary of loggin in and having that back fire. Thanks @happybeing @Dimitar


Brock Pierce was one of the largest initial MaidSafeCoin investors and probably continues to be. He is also prime candidate for sneaking Safe logo into “Ralph Breaks The Internet” movie. I think it’s great that he is running for President on a tech orientated message that can only be positive for the Safe Network, regardless of politics.

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Technically yes, but he is also the responsible for the infamous crowdsale disaster we had to endure after engineering the distorted incentives for mastercoin holders, pumping his shitcoin to exit along with David Johnston. Maidsafe was left with useless mastercoin tokens that lost value overnight after the pumping was over. They scammed Maidsafe in a big way.

My first impression when I met him was that he was a huge asshole, and everyone I know who dealt with him agrees with this impression.

Btw, there is zero evidence of Brock pierce putting the Safe logo in the movie. The most likely thing that happened is that someone in the production typed “safe internet” in google images and grabbed a bunch of logos from security companies, including the Safe Network.


The last BTC dividend I received was from 13 Jun 2018:


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who he? who him?


Oh really?

How do you know he invested in MAID?


Found it Blockchain Venture Capitalist Brock Pierce owns 10% of all MaidsafeCoins

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Well apparently Brock Pierce founded Tether and is also a cofounder of Block.One EOS.

So says the article below at least.