OSTree Operating System



This may be an interesting project to watch. It is a new way to package and deploy Linux OS distributions. It is heavily inspired by Git. The main feature is a system to define immutable snapshots of system files and a mechanism to perform atomic upgrades and rollbacks of a running OS.

It stores and manages these snapshots in a very similar to how Maidsafe manages data. It might be a good starting point on which to build a Maidsafe powered OS as envisioned by @dirvine (sorry couldn’t find a link).

This is a low level project that is intended to be built upon by the various distros. Redhat is working on an implementation in Project Atomic. http://www.projectatomic.io/
I assume the other major distros have similar projects.
OSTree is definitely not yet ready for prime-time, but it should be much further along once Mainsafe gets to the point where it could support a project like this.