OS and security question

First I would just like to say that I can empathize with the stress the devs and everyone involved must be feeling at this late stage of development. It’s easy to feel rushed and overwhelmed, so my words of encouragement would really just be that it doesn’t really matter if it’s done next week or next month considering what you guys are trying to do here. I know a lot of people share my views on this, however those you hear from are often those who are impatient and maybe involved for the “wrong” reasons. It’s not exactly like your baking a cake you know… :slight_smile: No one stands behind a great painter or artist of any kind and impatiently asks when he/she is done. The same should be applied to Safenet and any other great works of art of similar magnitude IMO.

Question time:

  1. Can someone confirm if there is any plans to build a bootable OS specifically for the safenet? Would be awesome and there would be a demand for sure. Journalists, businesses and governments would even pay a subscription fee for something like that I think. Atm the available tech such as Tor, tails and so forth seems fundamentally flawed, messy and built on an insecure fundament. If there is no plans, I would assume something like this could easily be crowdfunded.

  2. Is it possible for users to know without any doubt that the safenet is secure? Or could there theoretically be a way the devs could inject something hidden within the network that enables governments and law enforcement to monitor users? I don’t think the devs would do something like that obviously, however there is a big difference between “very secure” and “perfectly secure”

  3. I haven’t found much info in regards to how safecoins will be stored. I assume the launcher will have a wallet function. However, given the fact that anyone needs to be connected to the internet to access their account, it removes the possibility of cold storages. So for those who have large amounts, will there be some inbuilt two-factor-authentication or other ways to enables users to safeguard their coins?

  4. One concern of mine, which I have seen some discussion on earlier is the issue in regards to bandwith. Let’s say for example I have a lot of available storage space, what is stopping me from making that available on the safenet but at the same time greatly limit the amount of available download and upload speed?

Agreed. Though we’re all human. Anticipation and suspense can get the better of any of us. Such is the human condition of imperfection.

I’ve seen it mentioned at least twice on this forum. There seems to be plans but nothing has been formally structured. I imagine that at first SAFE could be integrated into TAILS and then at a later time have it’s own OS.

Over time perfection of the code base is possible. At the moment the code is reviewable by anyone who sees fit to inspect it. With PGP verification I believe we can get a great deal of assurance that the received software isn’t compromised. The network is designed to follow strict protocol. If something on the network fails to adhere to those rules it is disconnected.

The wallet is stored on the network. In many ways having it on the network is safer. It wont be destroyed in a fire, misplaced, physically stolen or physically degenerate in any way. If you are really concerned buy a cheap embedded system like a raspberry pi and use it for the sole purpose of dealing with SAFE. Nothing would be stored on it and you could backup the OS on another device. If you suspect infection just replace it with the backup. Two factor authentication has been discussed here. Do a quick forum search.

I’m unsure of what you mean by this. Yes you setup a large vault using the free space on your machine. This enables you to farm for safecoins. When you create this vault SAFEnet will begin slowly filling it with chucks of everyone’s data. You could limit bandwidth to and from your vault but it will impact your chances of getting safecoin over time. If one were to try this with malicious intent, it would be almost inconsequential to the network while reducing profit. Lose lose.

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling:

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