Oprah to do a Tesla Ad?

Donald Trump has indicated he wouldn’t mind having Oprah as his running mate and thinks he’d win if he could get her.

Oprah recently drove a Tesla and loved it. Lets hope she does a full product endorsement. Its been pointed out her endorsement might not trigger the response it does for books but it would help mainstream Tesla. Her driving a Tesla X going on about how much she loves it and what a great family vehicle it is and how woman friendly it is would be a huge smack in the face to dirty energy.

Very cute, but unfortunately meaningless. She could drive a cleaner and not subsidized gasoline powered car, but that wouldn’t make the news.

We’ve already discussed this. Obama from the coal state is winding coal down. He is replacing it with natural gas which the environmentalists tell us is actually worse than coal. This is part of his “all of the above plan.” But Telsa will sell you a car that you can power from your roof top. Their sister company Solar City will sell you the solar and the battery you can use to cut the cord on oil, gas and coal. A trifecta middle finger to the biggest a holes on the planet. Soon Tesla will be selling the car and the panels as a unit. Come home and find the car in you garage and the home already wired up. Tesla skips the dealer scam, its like Amazon.

Point of order Warren, so you can work with better information.

Please, I have heard this before. Mostly media hype

It is only worse if the gas is released unburned into the atmosphere. If burnt correctly it is many times better for green house gases and many times better than coal. Fracking is another issue. But most of the natural gas around the world is natural, not fracked.

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Also lets not forget that (any) damages from fracking are usually confined to the property and the first line or two of neighbors so externalities are mostly clear and restitution very simple.

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@neo, I’ve heard its fifty percent better than coal on carbon. If there were meaningful sequestration it could have more than a back up role, especially if the ownership issues were resolved.

@janitor, that would be wonderful but I think the jury is still out and the industry has resisted reparations which is absolutely damning. The one company that was willing to work with the EPA backed away. The EPA needs to drill its own whole with the best tech and support available. It really doesnt have to work around trade secrets it should be heavy handed because we need answers now not rationalizations and minimizations,