Opportunities related to UBI

Scott Santens campaigns and advocates for Universal Basic Income. I’ve followed him for some time because I think there’s a lot to like about UBI and as evidence mounts about the advantages of this over alternatives it looks like gaining traction. Last week Wales announced pilots for example.

Here he’s looking for someone from the crypto community to help with fundraising. I was a bit surprised but think it may well be of interest to someone here. Also, I’ve reached out to him to suggest there may be some other opportunities related to SN.


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Also followed him to an extent, tv interviews I watched on YouTube etc since he was able to get more traction after Andrew Yang running for president and bringing the idea more mainstream here in the west.

What kind of alignment or opportunities do you think there are?

I’ve noticed a lot of YangGangers that also track Scott seem obsessed with Cardano (ADA) so I can bet they would out shill but always worth speaking our minds.


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