Operating system

I think Qubes is fantastic. I’ve used it since 2.* and it’s getting better all the time. You’re right about the hardware compatibility though you need a CPU with VT-x capabilities and it doesn’t like fancy GPUs. You need a fair bit of memory too. Since it’s not recommended to dual boot with GRUB and won’t install on VirtualBox (still the case by the look of it) I have it installed on a 128G USB 3.0 stick plugged into an i7 machine with 16G RAM.


Genode OS framework is technically more challenging and a better solution than QubesOS.
In fact, officially Genode OS has in their own pipeline the integration with the SafeNetwork.

About Genode’s specs, the full doc:

If you want a video introduction:

About Genode’s future objectives (check the third one from the top):


Have you tried it yet? Still pretty buggy with lots of things not working. I think they released it a bit early.

I agree. Genode has some interesting ideas but doesn’t appear to be nearly as far along as Qubes. Genode does seem to be one to keep an eye on though.