OpenLedger. MAID Withdrawals Disabled. Any Advice?

I can’t even withdraw my MAID from OpenLedger or trade it into anything else! They say it is “Archived.” Does that mean they will eventually bring it back when it gets more active? They can’t just confiscate it, can they?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t know they were going to do this? I did not receive any notification of this. They just posted it in their Blog. They had my email and could have alerted all MAID holders by email.

Please let me know if you know of anything I can do to get my MAID back.

Here is their latest response to my pleas:

Unfortunately, we terminated the MAID gateway support on May 10, 2019. It’s no longer operational, meaning that MAID withdrawals are disabled.

OpenLedger DEX arrived at a decision to terminate the support of some gateways.

We did our best to notify OpenLedger DEX users about the upcoming disablement through our news website and the DEX’s News Section, social media channels and newsletters.

We regret that you missed our notifications and could not timely withdraw your coins. We understand your discontent, but we cannot assist you with the withdrawal.

It is standard practice for trading platforms (both centralized and decentralized) to disable such coins to better serve customers and ensure the fastest possible speed of transactions.

We will be happy to assist you with any other issues you may have.

Anyone? I would think there were a lot of MAID holders who got stuck with tokens on Open Ledger, but I’m not finding much help.


No one else lost their MAID on OpenLedger?

Any advice would be appreciated.



I can’t help, just wanted to say that this really sucks and it is definitely not good enough on their part to expect people to regularly check their social media to know if they are going to take coins away from you.

You might be able to take some legal action. That’s all I can think of.

I guess you know this by now, but don’t leave any coins in any exchange for any amount of time. Stuff like this has happened before and will happen again. If they are in a wallet controlled by you there’s nothing anyone can do to take them from you.


Thanks. Yeah, I took my MAID off Poloniex and thought it would be safer on OpenLedger. Wrong. I didn’t know of a MAID Wallet at the time. OpenLedger did give me a little something to hang my hopes on. They said if MAID got really popular in the future, they might bring it back. Otherwise, nothing. They wouldn’t confirm whether they still had my MAID or whether they have sold it. They say it is “archived” but I’m not sure I believe them. If they have sold it, that would really be unethical. I wrote to the CEO of OpenLedger hoping he might help. Nothing from him yet.


Let us know how it goes.


Write about the issue on twitter/social media/cryptocurrency news sites and try to more widely publicise what OpenLedger has done to you. There are threads on this and many other forums, twitter etc with posts promoting OpenLedger. They should be replied to. This will bring some level of pressure and accountability to the OpenLedger team so they move their lazy arses and get your coin back at best, or expose them for being unethical coin thieves at worst. Make them hang their hopes on resolving the issue fast enough and to your satisfaction to not damage their reputation further. If OpenLedger does this to Maid without warning then they can’t be trusted with any other coin either - shout about it as widely as possible in as many venues as possible and keep the community here informed so we can help retweet/disseminate the message.

Suggested title: OpenLedger pulls exit scam on one of it’s listed cryptocurrencies.


Thanks. Will do. They will point to the fact that they posted a short, one month warning on their website, Blog and Twitter about MAID being delisted and trading and withdrawals no longer supported. Of course, who visits those sites on any regular basis.

Thanks. I will post where I can and tell my story.

I mean how hard would it to be for them to just transfer my MAID tokens to a Wallet or another Exchange. IF they still have them.


I also have some EOS coins stuck there. They went from legit to scam, same issue as what you are experiencing with MAID. Very lame indeed!

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I believe I have seen other posts from users in different threads who had the same issue.
I believe they just gave up and chalked it up to experience.
Yh, it was bad of them to do what they did.
Sorry for your loss.

Have they stonewalled you on EOS like they have me on MAID? Or are they telling you that EOS will soon be active again? I would think you would have a better chance of seeing EOS re-enabled than I have with MAID.

This is a real scam - a heist in broad daylight. To think that it is legitimate for them to confiscate our coins and tokens just because we didn’t see a short and quiet note on their website or Twitter feed is very unethical.

Well, one can hope that when this project picks up traction by delivering the tech as well as activating effective marketing, the perceived value of and interest in MAID will grow. Hopefully at such time the probability of re-enabled MAID would be as high as for any other project. Until such time, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you both. It’s an unfortunate situation.