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Hey guys I was trying to look up MaidSafe rust code base on and every time I typed in MaidSafe it says there hasn’t been a commit since 9 months ago.

I guess I’m looking at the C++ code base but I can’t find a way to select the Rust one?

Can anyone please help?


Github mang. That’s the C++

Rust is in main madisafe repo.



Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I put in MaidSafe-routing and keep getting something with no commits since 9 months ago.

IDK. I’m on my phone, maybe I’ll go home and try on my computer

Yes @whiteoutmashups it seems on it has not been updated since switch to Rust in March 2015.
MaidSafe Routing is called routing as found on github.

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@whiteoutmashups: I actually added Crust, Routing, Vault and Self Encryption to Open Hub a few months ago. I added the rest of the repos just now. Here are the links!

SAFE Network libraries:

Edit: I added which combines the code of all the SAFE Network libraries.


Wow, you’re the man! Thanks a bunch it’s a really cool site and I wanted to see how our code base stacks up against other open source projects like FFox etc IDK

Thank you very much for doing all of that!

Edit: still says nothing for 9 months?


@whiteoutmashups: Check out!

It combines the code of all the SAFE Network libraries. As you can see there are around 28K lines of code in total!

You are talking about, but I don’t think it will ever be updated because it refers to the old C++ codebase. So in the future, I think you should use instead :smiley: (it’s the Rust codebase)


Thanks! That’s the rust codebase?


Yes, it’s the Rust codebase :slightly_smiling: