Openbazaar to integrate IPFS

This should help make people more aware of the IPFS. Anybody think this will help Maidsafe gain more exposure?

Unfortunately, I believe that we will be competing againat these services for a userbase.

If they want to use the Network as a backend, they are free to do so, but the work of packaging the functionality into an existing product would be pointless when it could theoretically run stand alone on the network itself.

This may also explain why many of the community here as so passionate as they percieve themselves to be in direct (albiet constructive) competition with these existing technologies.

For true anonymity Openbazaar could easily transition all the customers right over too the SAFE Network and use the SAFE Exchange system as a back-end. Now implementation is another story. :blush:

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Maybe a “Free Market” could be made on SAFE, and show them how to do it.

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Want to point out: Open Bazaar is a marketplace with bitcoin as a payment system, it’s primary feature. The benefits are mainly those who already have bitcoin; maybe if bitcoin adoption increases or something it matters.

From my perspective open bazaar is ‘cool’ yet certainly misses the mark for the benefits that anonymity affords, etc list of features missing goes on. No worries though :sunrise:

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There is so little going on, even on OB, that it’s hard to think of these attempts as some sort of competition :slight_smile:
100 (not yet, but that would be “huge”) tx a day would still be less than anyone on the competition radar does per minute.


application specific versus platform

platform marketing is a totally different animal.

with regard to bitcoin as a platform satoshi dice is what put it on the map.

Is IPSF supposed to make OB seem secure? Because it has proprietary code for all we know it was started by the CIA.

  • no it’s not supposed make OB secure, it’s supposed to keep data online when sellers go offline
  • it’s open source s/w
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Ok. But when gubenator or the OB guy was on here it was a point of contention. I thought there were some black box modules, but I guess it was just the potential through licensing for proprietary black box modules in forks thar their licensing choice and preference allowed. And it was argued here that down the line it could lead to loss of openess and capture of the labors by a private otherwise non contributing concern.

Not too sure this is “unfortunate”… SAFE is overkill for a lot of applications… IPFS is a lot simpler, and accomplishes a lot of the same goals without nearly as much complexity…

Different tools for different things…


I was actually thinking of using it to store a keepassx encrypted database file. I don’t know if it can integrate onto android though.