OpenBazaar Looking for Beta Testers


Hee girls/guys Openbazaar is looking for Beta Testers

I’m sure this will be on Maidsafe in the future, so if you like, go go

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Happy testing


Moved this to off-topic as there is no real connection to MaidSafe / strategy.


I played a little bit with Openbazaar. What I personally see as points of improvements is:

  • The pricing, this is only in Bitcoins and we all know how volatile that can be. So if you could pick from fiat currencies would also be nice.
  • It would be nice if they included other crypto’s as well. Heck they could even ask the crypto communities out there a price for their coin to be included.
  • Shipping would be nice, that way customers can pick the cheapest instead of…
  • WhiteLabel/Brand what if merchants could give a look and feel of their brands? Also with this OpenBazaar could scope up a little bit money, so they can develop fulltime.
    Overall it looks and feels promising, they have brought out Beta 2.0
  • Maybe a Darkwallet integration

But here is a nice vid of Beta 1.0