Openbazaar just went 1.0


Open Bazaar is irrelevant because its closed proprietary and cannot be trusted, there is nothing open about it. It could be a CIA project. It also has an incredibly backwards licensing model. And a completely stupid name openbazaar=“freemarket” or freedom for rich oppressors to continue to oppress. One of their founders came on here not long ago on some sort of spam mission to get MaidSAFE to be sell out it end users and its own founders. At best its something on the level of the Panama scam, something used to hide theft and corrupt elections. The existence of something like SAFE will undo it and possible its expose its backers and collaborators. If they were just offering a red light district (within reason) that might be one thing but they came on there with a propaganda mission and that should raise red flags. And for those who say oh look the market is working…well it works until it doesn’t and its true intentions are revealed. You’re betting on the founders actual good intentions or their not being able to be bribed or that its not just another CIA asset.