Openbazaar interview about current state of network

Openbazaar interview…looks like a great candidate to have storage housed within SAFE…interesting stuff.

Just came out of test and into the wild apparently…

see also and Openbazaar and maidsafe


Looks like there’s not much for sale on OB these days. Resembles a very small DN market. Hope it grows and reaches more of the masses!

…at least in the meantime, before SAFE, that is :slight_smile:

Excellent interview. Digital goods will probably be their biggest items for a while. I can envision myself selling music on their and making some spare change. The more of these kinds of solutions we have, the more people will get used to the ideas of decentralization and ownership over their data. I can see in 3-4 years Amazon, ebay and facebook hvae gone the way of myspace and friendster. Well, maybe not Amazon :smiley:

Edit: I can’t wait to see MaidSafe’s first “live network interview” on the dailydecrypt. That will be a high day. Amanda asks hard questions (I think she hammered the IP thing a little bit too much in this one) and I can’t wait to hear the answers that we’ve all seen here.

I think what’s missing is two main things that hopefully MaidSafe will have.
ease of use and anonymity

it sounds like if you want anonymity you are sacrificing ease of use because you have to
go thru TOR, I2P or have a VPN. and if you want ease of use you are sacrificing anonymity.
I hope OpenBazaar succeeds but I hope Maidsafe can be easy to use and completely anonymous!
that’s why i’ve been sticking around since the IPO


Open Bazaar seem complacent about anonymity. The guy actually said that if a competitor implements good anonymity and it is successful in the marketplace, then OB will just incorporate it into their code.

Without anonymity, what is their unique selling proposition? Enabling villagers in some backwater to sell their batik and beads online? I can’t see much money to made enabling that.

Honestly, the fact that you can use it with a VPN out of the box is enough for me anonymity-wise. The only thing exposed is your IP address right? We already know how to handle that with VPNs. Granted it should definitely be built-in, but remember that OpenBazaar is a US company, as such while their official position HAS TO BE that they’re a legit, organization, large numbers of people in the US are very judgmental and superficial s.t. any whiff of something considered non-mainstream or ‘illegitimate’ gets automatically rejected. It has to be ‘official’ and ‘approved’. So they’re playing to that crowd so they don’t scare off users. Its a business strategy, and while a hardcore libertarian or freedom advocate may not agree with it in principal, its difficult to really argue with it when options exist to mitigate it and they’re working on it. Consider it like safe in the beginning. We’re going with TCP vaults at first. Soon to be improved right? No biggie really imo.

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Of course he’s complacent when they got only 1 million bucks in funding and the s/w is free.

He downlplays the importance of the exposure of one’s IP address a lot but if one matches what one sells/buys on open bazzar then matches that with one’s IP address and then matches one’s IP address with one’s true identification credentials somehow then suddenly you’ve been fully exposed. I think this is yet another reason to clone the whole system and run it over SAFE. No IP address exposure.

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Well in my opinion, it was just something that had to be made at some point. Bitcoin needed this. A decentralized marketplace was something bitcoin enabled, but hadn’t materialized yet until OB. It’s a good thing :slight_smile: even DN markets rely on servers.