Open Wireless and Liberating the Internet

It is interesting to think that SAFEnetwork is literally liberating the internet the way emule liberated music from the labels and the way open wireless mesh along with tech like SAFE will liberate from ISPs.

SAFE-Wireless Mesh-P2P its all decentralization. I’d like to point out that I think p2p music sharing emule was possibly the first DAO. DAOs are also decentralization as they would cut out human hierarchy. It all goes together.

And yet so many people see the internet as a liberator (it is) but would be quite interested to know it is working to liberate itself and desperately needs this liberation.

Updated thought: This decentralized tissue will stand in relief to the cloud and top down centralization of the clearnet. A kind of balance in the cycle of spider (web) and starfish (mesh) organizations. And let us also remember that money and ownership is the centralizer not the decentralizer. This realization is part of the effort to decentralize money with crypto curriencies like SAFEcoin.