Open Source Masters in Data Science

This is a curriculum for learning data science - its maintained on github and consists of lots of free and non-free resources for getting started and progressing in this field.

Data Science is well worth getting into right now. (and its probably what I will end up doing in my next career shift.) For those unaware what data science is, its the art and science of extracting useful information out of data. This can be from simple analysis to dealing with massive amounts of data and using machine learning.

The reasons I want to get involved in this field is not only for future career prospects, but also because privacy and security aware individuals need to be in this field to influence how user data is gathered and what is done with it. I believe that many aspects of life, public and private, will be influenced by data science and related fields, often in ways which will abuse our data.

On a positive note, hacking data and problem solving is pretty fun too!