Open Source Ecology


This is a fascinating project by a group that also is reacting to over centralization in our current system.

The idea do having simple open source designs that allow ordinary people to contribute to an open system appeals to me.

What do you guys think?


It’s an excellent project and one I’ve been following for some time however like many forms of self sufficiency one needs some base capital and resources to make it work. For instance many of these parts require a 3D printer to produce or building other production level equipment. Like the Reprap project you need the equipment in order to build more of it. Perhaps getting community crowdfunds going using safecoin to get this kind of thing going in various comunities.


Well, but the exciting thing to me is that once the initial kit is build, its a sustainable kit. It can in theory, build anything you want, but it can also rebuild itself. Right now so much of what we buy, we pay inflated prices for, which is justified (partially at least… I have my suspicions) by the need for corporations to invest in R&D. If you have an open system which is sustainable, and you can begin to compete with the closed systems you either drive them out of business, or force them to imitate many aspects of the open model (did anybody notice that the latest update of OSX cost the same amount as a new Linux build (that is to say, it was free).

The other point is that while it does take a significant amount of resources in an absolute sense, it takes WAY less resources than the same broad spectrum of industries and functionality done in a conventional manner, that is through massive corporate centralization.