Open-source code

“All our code is open-sourced, so if any person, group or company doesn’t like what we are doing with the network they can fork it and do it better." Nick Lambert, COO of Maidsafe

what are the advantages and disadvantages of open-source code,

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A big issue here is the ability for anyone to look at the code, check it does what MaidSafe says (e.g. doesn’t contain a backdoor), and compile it themselves to be sure.

Obviously its also a great way to pool expertise from different individuals and places, which is important for something like this.

There are other philosophical issues that I’m not going to go into - you’ll find debates and discussions on that on other websites so take your pick.


intellectual property and copy right laws will be less common on safenetwork? im not sure what is the implications of this on applications and companies that operate software on the network?

Hope my question makes sense

I’m sorry I’m not sure if I understand you question, but let me try and answer and see if it helps, or by all means follow up again…

Firstly, from a legal point of view of course copyright and so on apply as much as anywhere. In terms of developers, they can choose whether to open source their own applications or not, although doing so will give them the same advantages I’ve mentioned above, which for many users will be important.

In terms of users, of course they should be aware of the consequences of what they do from a legal point of view, as they store, share or access content on the network - just as they do with existing services.

It is true that the resistance of SAFE network to surveillance and censorship, and its anonymity will give users much more protection that other services, and so they will have more choice about how they use it, which can of course include respecting copyright or not. But the purpose of the network is to restore users rights to privacy, free access to information and communications, freedom from censorship and surveillance and so on.


thanks that answers my question glad to have dedicated people like you on this forum. keep it up @happybeing


Thanks very much for saying so. All feedback is useful, but the positive is if course most welcome :slightly_smiling: