Open (Or Citizens) Intelligence Community Or Citizens Intel Army Safe App

nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something
let us give the people who know something, a platform to publish what they know safe and secure
so then the weaponized autists can connect the dots and make a picture
this way governtment cant screw us over
Intelligence gathered by the people for the people, to ensure no one gets into shady business trying to f*ck people over and then get away with it, cause our intelligence agencies have became corrupt
this way people can expose these fu**ers
just look at what is happening on 4chan and 8chan it’s amazing how these people gather information and connect dots

i think Citizens Intelligence Community will be a great name
CIC = See, I See
OIC = Oh, I See
this app can be a game changer specially for the people living in the third world dictatorships who are being kept under ignorance of what is going on in their government

  1. How do you prevent people from getting paranoid about all their neighbors possibly spying on them?
  2. How is the validity or accuracy of data confirmed?
  3. How are individual’s privacy right’s protected?
  4. How is disinformation filtered out and prevented?
  5. What happens when someone posts classified info, like say nuclear launch codes or the formulas for creating a biological weapon?
  6. How do you prevent Government A from assassinating informant B and declaring war on rival Government C?

Come on, none of 1-6 seem valid. The question is: as opposed to what? As opposed to not having it or as opposed to bribery based sponsored (captured) media? Or as opposed to gov as a business- more on that below.

The most laughable one on the list is “classified information,” what we need now are open approaches including totally transparent gov for real, stripped of totalitarian national security state claims.
Launch codes and ticking time bombs, these are sham issues. If a code is all it takes… regardless, change the codes often.

On gov as business, we hear this in the states a lot. Oh you’re not a citizen you’re a customer who votes with your wallet and governments of all stripes are just optional service providing businesses that can be avoided and bribed and pitted against one another never mind that governments tend to be empowered to take life liberty and happiness from you and your loved ones and can turn mercinary and hunt you even if you flee to foreign soil.

So what happens with gov as a business? This is what happens:

Rich raise prices and lower wages and tax everyone else. Law becomes a function of bribery and people who aren’t rich are converted into property.

Typical scams under this incredibly foolish ideology include Public Private Partnership and privatization which are both means of allowing the rich to tax everyone else.

In PPP a wealthy parasite is installed to hollow out a public service with their ‘profit’ and the service is then pronounced a bad idea and retired meanwhile the parasite has been enriched for taking tax pressure off the non contributing rich- the whole point adding to the increasing uselessess of the tax base.

Privatization: A needed service that should run at cost is given over through PPP or sham competition to a sham market to either relieve tax pressure on the rich (service becomes unavailable) or creates unnecessary toll roads that support welfare for the rich, who have already been paid off and vastly over compensated or unjustly compensated.

If this isn’t a crimimal mentality what is? Preventing this kind of fraud is why we need what the OP is suggesting and why it is the most valueable thing SAFE will provide because it moves us toward open trust based systems and away from fear based systems.