Unfortunately I didn’t see the OP, but being deleted it must have been pretty gross?
Although it’s a public accessible forum, it is still managed by the SAFE organisation, and as such they can decide to which degree they will allow what is written in here.
That cannot really be put in the context of breaching the right to Free Speech IMO.
Free Speech is meant to be a right for public use. Public use where there are no ownership of the “room” where you speak.
This is how I interpret it.
So I do not feel that discussing if free speech is suppressed in here is a topic at all.


Poor adults.
The rights of adults are curtailed because kids (and adults) are not taught to use their right to not listen/read.
Hopefully we’ll see another SAFE-related forum after the launch.


I just read the cached version of the original topic and it is SO vague that I don’t understand the necessity to remove it from the forum.

Could you elaborate a bit more what the reasoning was for removing it? Although it is addressed as an open letter to the safe network, I don’t see any accusation to maidsafe directly. But even if OP would accuse maidsafe of wrongdoing, my personal opinion is that is always better if people can make up their own minds. While it is still possible to see the post, I shouldn’t have to revert to google to read it.

I think deleting the topic generates more fuzz than leaving it up for everyone to read.

Just my 2 cents.


I appreciate the mods efforts here to keep things focused & friendly to as wide an audience as possible.

Swearing, NSFW content, or posting threats wouldn’t add to the value of discussion of the Safe network, which is what these forums are about.

If anyone thinks completely unmoderated, ‘say & post what you like whether it’s relevant or not’, forums would be a better place to discuss the Safe network, feel free to make another forum for this & see if others agree & join you.


It wasn’t an accusation towards Maidsafe but to another community member here.

I will slowly release information, unless I am made whole by you know who…

can be seen as a threat or maybe even an attempt to extortion or anything like that. Of course I’m not a lawyer so interpret that sentence how you want but we chose to delete it and told the person to handle this in person with whoever he was aiming this post at.

I can see that removing posts can generate more fuzz than keeping it there but this simply isn’t a matter for this forum and community.


Frankly @goindeep & @Tonda we are not all adults here because there is no age checking on this forum. Even if we were, this does not mean we are all adults who agree that anything goes here.

There’s a lot more to being an adult than being 18 or whatever. Most, maybe even everyone swears some time or another, and learning when and how is a part of becoming adult. To me (personal opinion here) the idea that because we’re adults we should be able to write whatever we like is not an adult position. I would say being adult is about being able to judge what is appropriate and what isn’t depending on present company and context. But as we simply do not know who is reading, we cannot assume they will be happy reading whatever we feel OK with. And if they are not, we lose people. Which is more important - inclusiveness or being able to disregard the impact our words have on others?

So who are the adults here really? Or is this just another opportunity for a vocal minority to attack moderation, for whatever reason? This week I have had two grateful and complimentary messages about my own contributions to the forum. Both were members that I didn’t recognize because they aren’t regular posters. We all need to be aware that there are many more members of this forum who visit quietly and post rarely or not at all, and that everyone here is not like me, or like you, and everyone has different wants and expectations.

If everyone here wanted an unmoderated and uncensored forum, we would surely know this by now, and I’d be happy to step down and go build some software instead. My guess is that there would soon be a group offering to set up a new forum for those who don’t think being able to swear is as important as having a vibrant inclusive community with in depth discussions of technical issues, marketing plans, helping others get to grips with how wonderful this project could be etc.


Ah, I see. I didn’t see that in the cached version.

Still though, I think it would’ve been better to just close the topic with an explanation that it is seen as extortion so it stands as a reminder for everyone else on how these things should be handled in this community. This way everybody can make up their own mind about it, while still enforcing community rules.

Difference of opinion, you agreed on it and that’s fine for me. Carry on :slight_smile:


You’ve surely got a good point @hillbicks. I’ll discuss this approach with the other mods and maybe we should do it this way in the future. Thanks for the feedback!


I agree that this forum does not represent how the new web will be and I hope that the new internet remains darker than night for all who need it to be such as the Snowdens of our world…

But for those like me who are afraid of the dark, let us take courage and approach this new frontier without fear guided by the light because a new day is coming. Until then let us welcome and enjoy the beauty of the night because the darker the night, the brighter the stars.

Which is just around the corner thank goodness. MVP! MVP! MVP! MVP!

As for me and my household, we will stick close to the good people of this community who we view as beacons of light in the darkness; led by David, the dev team and the mods who are all our supper stars.

Thank you Maidsafe and thank you @moderators for all that you do. Keep up the good work.


Well put.

I used to manage a poker forum where all of our members were verified over 18, but very few were adults lol ;). Age isn’t really the issue, it’s about having a nice, practical forum instead of us all being infuriated and arguing with trolls and tards 24/7. It’s not like the mods try to curtail our freedom to speak and express ourselves, even if it is negative or challenges the maidsafe agenda. I don’t think most of us have had our posts edited or deleted have we?

I’d be worried by moderation that just removed anything negative about SAFE, but that’s not what this is and we all know that from being here so often. This is just taking down a threatening and aggressive post that doesn’t really belong in our forum; by leaving the thread up they also make it possible, for any of us who are curious, to find out what was said and demonstrate that they are not trying to ‘hide’ anything that might worry us, it’s just not appropriate for the forum.

:+1: to mod decision imo


It was a crude attempt at an ‘open letter’ for sure.

He’s presented an issue from the perspective of monetary and property loss, with associated emotional language.

From what I gathered reading that post, he has cast a shadow over prominent community members at an important juncture for ProjectSAFE.

I hope we can get some clear air on this matter…guys?

Edit: ‘guys’ …meaning those accused of wrong doing.


What do you mean with clear air and with guys you mean the moderators? or the person that posted?

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Edit: ‘guys’ …meaning those accused of wrong doing.

That’s the idea. Right now there are 0 users, but once there are users, many users, there will be other SAFE forums.

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This forum is like the gate of a playground with all kind of weirdos waiting, surprisingly patiently, for the gate to open. It’s actually a miracle the forum didn’t implode in a singularity by the over-concentration of weirdness, I guess moderators are to be thanked for that. Once the gate opens, people will spread out and everyone can join a community that fits them. Just need to wait a little more…


By no means I have meant releasing any information that would harm anyone, I am merely talking about speaking my side of the story, but since you guys are all taking this side, there’s is zero need for this. I mean zero attempt of extortion, although I am just use at the moment to wrote an elaborate post about this. But proving my thoughts before I even wrote this I anticipated this move by the mods, as most of the mods here I know have worked with… Anyways good luck on your endeavors and have a great day.

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oh you didn’t i suppose … maybe yourself … phone number, mail address … I’m not sure if it was the wisest move to delete the topic … i personally wouldn’t have done it … but I still don’t really understand why you did it in the first place … seems to me like it is something you 2 have to figure out … (if i didn’t miss anything here …)

good luck for your next steps too :slight_smile:

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The mods really are not “taking this side” as far as I can see. The post itself was a red flag on its face. If not intended to be, this can be sorted out, I’m sure. I really don’t have a dog in the fight as far as the underlying upset you are trying to resolve. I’m pretty sure the same applies to the rest of the mod team.

Please feel free to engage at @moderators. You have been, and are still, a valued member of the community, and it is not intended to do you any injustice.

If an error has been made, we can reach some understanding, I’m sure.


Yesterday I saw a link on Polo about Safe Cash. Looked at it and wondered if it had anything to do with Safecoin. Now I see maybe it does? A little lost to what is going on, but I definitely think any type of deletion, no matter what the content… should not be done. Let people make up their own minds, and give opinions on the subject. Transparency goes a long way imo.

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Personal (legal) matters should not be discussed on a public forum in my opinion, this forum is moderated so sometimes posts that aren’t in line with the guidelines will be deleted.