The moderators do not know and take no position as to the situation described by this poster. However, this forum is not the place to resolve such matters. Additionally, the post contains what could reasonably be interpreted as an effort to extort or blackmail.

For these reasons the post has been deleted and the poster has been informed.


Can I just say that I really dislike the way you guys tromp around with your mod hats on acting all high and mighty deleting and threatening to deleting things all the time because as an adult I should be allowed to read, write and view what I want. You guys say your for free speech and this and that but this forums moderators are worse than half of the current WWW. You don’t allow swearing, NSFW content, or even things that some may judge as ‘violent’ like a picture of a terrorist from a reputable news article that any person on the planet can currently view but not here apparently… and this is the forum representing the new web?


Regardless of whether there is an once of truth to this, extortion is a crime and a copy of this post should be sent to the FBI in SF. Was the same post made on the Reddit sub? If this guy is a whack job, a moderator deleting a post aint gonna slow him down. MAID has trusted feet on the ground in SF, put them to use. GL


Yeah but see we wont know more because they have waved their magic mod wands and made the original thread disappear. I could care less whether it was a scam or he had a legitimate issue or problem (and if he did that’s scary as hell for us) is as is always the case in this forum they have gone and deleted it and of course they will put their spin on it which always amounts to them protecting us in some way shape or form.


That post obviously had to be removed. There is no argument about that really and IMO we should be glad that this forum is moderated. This forum is about discussion regarding Safenet development primarily. If you want to participate in a decentralized and unmoderated forum then you will have to wait for Safenet to be released :slight_smile:


cached dude. IMO Fergish was right to pull it down.

One moment you’re a tough guy.

Then you’re scared as hell.

I was referring to the high level of totally anal moderation like for example not even allowing people to use curse words and threatening to ban people if they use them… c’mon seriously im an adult FFS.

On this topic, thinking out loud here; If it turns out he was scammed, wouldn’t we want to know?


I was talking specifically if he was scammed from the inside…

Thanks for deleting fergish. Excellent decision.


@goindeep just PM the dude. I personally don’t think it’s some big conspiracy but I don’t REALLY know. My guess is the dude is desperate and he wants to bring others down with him, it’s quite common.

Post had to be deleted even Poloniex does not allow uncontrolled trolling. Its best to settle with lawyers not the dev community .good job fergy.


I’m not gunna front. This has got me very curious. The thread could have been renamed to reflect the nature of it and a disclaimer added. We’re all adults here. Together we could have agreed to have it removed. Leaving it to one person is a bit despotic. I love you ferg but maybe there’s a better way. Continue the discussion guys. Let’s see if we can find middle ground IF POSSIBLE. :innocent:


It was not my choice alone. The decision was made among the available mods. I just got the job of “execution” (best terms, but the pun is okay as well).

I’m curious, too. I don’t know and I like to know a lot about almost anything.

But . . . Sometimes I like gossip. Sometimes it’s fascinating to watch two people have a private fight in public. Sometimes I like to look at naked women, too.

Doesn’t mean that just because SAFE is mentioned or some of its participants are named (or, in this case, implicated by innuendo) that this is the place for the battleground.


I just wish we could incorporate the votes of the community in the decision making process. Sucks that it isn’t practical and therefore a feasible option. Deciding what number of votes and from who would be somewhat arbitrary and subject to objection. If anyone has some good ideas on how to achieve quick consensus from the majority please chime in. Otherwise it makes sense to keep things the way they are. That is, until my precioussssss!!! arrives! :imp::yum:

EDIT: [quote=“fergish, post:14, topic:7334”]
Sometimes I like to look at naked women

More like always for me. :blush: Just no poop please. :confused:


I see that forum as a group of adults willing to discuss about a specific subject with good manners. Free speech is not about being able to swear whenever you want. If someone come here talking gossips and accusations, we, as adult should be able to tell that guy to go talk about it somewhere else because here is not the place. All that, in a way that respect freedom of speech. If i’m having a discussion with my friend and a random person start trash talking about one of our friend, even if i deeply care about freedom, i would make him stop by all possible means. That is how i see it, it’s only my opinion so it doesn’t worth much but i wanted to say it.


Personal Opinion follows

Of course, I would too.

But this was one man’s claim presented as a pay up or else I will release the information. So even the poster was going to withhold the details if he was paid.

Even if not intended this is an extortion attempt and I do not see why this forum or any other (eg which would delete such things too) should not delete such threats and direct the parties to deal with it privately, and not by the kangaroo courts of socialmedia/forumwarriors who have next to zero facts and not been given any. Extortion is a serious criminal crime and as such is difficult to justify leaving it up on the forum.

It would have been a totally different story if there was no threats of extortion (even if unintended) and the facts were presented clearly and precisely without malice.

As to the whois info copied into that topic, one only has to go to to see the current registration info Some info in the deleted topic did not agree with the official details.


That’s so hard to do. We have close to 2000 members on the forum right now. But not all of them log in on a daily or weekly basis. I replied to that question here.

We don’t allow curse words because we have some kids from schools (and probably others) enjoying our forum as well. And is it really a problem to use something else instead of a curse? And we don’t threat people to ban them when they do. Most of the time we just edit them out, send a PM or people remove them themselves. Only in cases where people curse intentionally to other members or to us as mods we might give out a warning or start thinking about a ban.

As explained, the topic with the open letter had something that could be interpreted as an effort to extort or blackmail. It is a legal issue between 2 parties and although it was about a website about SAFE, it has nothing to do with the project, our community, or Maidsafe. And even if it had, we don’t allow blackmailing and/or extortion.


This site will now be attacked for suppressing free speach