Open letter to SAFE.EXCHANGE the first SAFE Network child

Hi @dallyshalla,

Daniel you are the genius behind, I’m just a simple clueless consumer who can’t even code.

You ask for SEC holders opinion so here is mine, I post it here, because again I can’t login’s forum. This was the idea behind SAFE.EXCHANGE and what people put their money to support.

Even after your announcement that your going in another direction, I’ve NEVER sold my SEC, because when I believe in something I support it regardless. I can even give you my public ID and you will see yourself that those coins NEVER moved. From a SAFE Network project, heck even the first SAFE Network project, SAFE.EXCHANGE is now a private blockchain project with:

Fee for transactions

Private blockchain network

“I don’t want people to get dragged into what they don’t want to do!”

Email from sec holders, I PMed you to stay on course and be patient

(keep to the original proposal)

I’m a producer of software, I don’t have to plugin to something else

Then please push forward the SAFE Network api, like seneca is doing right now

Server: My question here is going to keep working on a server? My question here is going to have a website on the clearnet?

Vote indefinetly: I thought that you could vote on a proposal and after that get your coin back, does this mean that SEC are going to remain in proposals indef…

Integrity of blockchain

  • Did you know that Vitalik Buterin was ddosing the Ethereum network to stop the DAO hacker? ddos is possible on a blockchain, I believe even a private blockchain.
  • Do you know about Double Spending as a service (tool)
    - YouTube

Daniel these are my questions/concerns:

  • Who are the miners of this private blockchain and how do all the participant get paid, if they’re not a miner?
  • Who/what prevents a ddos? SAFEcoin did this in the early idea
  • Is the scaling issue solved on this private blockchain?
  • What are the login mechanisms into the
  • Will the website stay on the clearnet?
  • Is this anonymity, you speak off proofable?
  • Voting: when voting you can import your privatekey, when you submit a vote it seems like your sending the entirety that’s in that wallet to the proposal. (is this true) maybe for the future there should be an option to pick how much you want to send for that proposal.
    LIFE IS PEOPLE #176 Daniel Dabek Founder of Safe Exchange @n_9_9_ Unleashing HUMAN potential - YouTube

My 2 SECents: please come back to the SAFE Network and give it’s true home. Although things haven’t gone as quick as we all hoped, good things take time. 1 some parts of blockchain wasn’t built with security, but as afterthought, if you put that against something that was built with security from day 0, it becomes clear to even me as clueless simple consumer. You asked for people’s opinion, so maybe it’s time to vote about this matter.

You can create two bitcoin addresses and people can send 1 SEC to a YES or NO addresses, “IF YOU SHOULD TAKE THE PROJECT BACK TO THE SAFE NETWORK” you keep the money that’s generated and you’ll have the real opinion of the SEC holders. I’ll send 10000 SEC for a yes vote, because I believe it’s the best thing for the project.

You are a true builder, I’m just a resident that shelters under your idea, but please build on a solid secured foundation.


@dallyshalla Daniel, I hope you read this topic!

I watched the Life is People chat between you and Tim last night and it is great to see you so all fired up and wanting still to create a better world through software. And I get the rush and boost that comes with digging deep into technology (both with electron and the blockchain) but I don’t see the future in the blockchain that you talked about. On the other hand, like Tim, I find it hard to see you bringing that energy and drive back to the original SafeX on SAFEnetwork. But that is what I would like to see because I don’t see blockchain in the light you do and like @19eddyjohn75 I think SAFEnetwork can do it. I also think that there is enough in place now for you to be working actively on SAFE. TBH I think there always was, but I do see why you didn’t want to put that work in with so much uncertainty and when or if it would be ready. That uncertainty has reduced a lot though and within a month, a successful funding and further progress technically it will reduce more, and it looks likely at an increasing pace.

So maybe now is not the time for a big vote, but to take another look here first and to have an open discussion with the SafeX community - which has been sadly lacking for me. So little engagement. I’ve watched your progress on github so I remained hopeful that you would be back, but until you re-connect with your community I think it is too early to ask for a decision from them, and in that time you could also look again at the state of SAFEnetwork API and share your can/can’t thoughts and open up the discussion with SafeX’ers on your forum.

Just a few thoughts. For what its worth, I think you taking a deep dive into blockchain would only help you build better apps on SAFE, so I don’t see it as negative. I see it as you making good use of the hiatus that you obviously found frustrating, but I don’t see as a reason to abandon our shared vision - that vision is what attracted people to invest in SafeX in the first place of course.


This is from the forum


The moto of my company is: “Save Time, SAFE money”

Let’s save time, if you put up a vote today, you’ll get the SEC holders their feedback on the matter.

If you don’t put up the vote, I’m sorry bro, but then you was not asking for nobody’s opinion or feedback. If you don’t mind I’ll share your reply on the SAFE Network forum.

It is legit, matter fact you can try it yourself.

Please have your SEC ready to vote if the project should return back on the SAFE Network. Thank you @dallyshalla for all your hard work and pushing forward :kissing_heart:

Now that I think about it, maybe we should also make voting worth the effort and have a minimum to vote. @dallyshalla is taking his time for this has put a lot of time into developing his current version of Because I opened up my big mouth, I’ll put €100 where my mouth is. :yum::euro: Please make your vote worth it, it’ll help

I saw this one come by on twitter:

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This is so sad and im not even holding sec. I would’ve dumped them, tbh. You’re all very patient and understanding. But what are you going to do when the majority votes for SAFE? He seems done with it. I’m watching with morbid excitement. :mask:

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Thanks for the update @polpolrene

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I might be out of order here, or maybe not. I don’t know exactly why I care, but I do, so…
I’m pretty certain dallyshalla is making a huge mistake, and he’s dragging others with him. Listen to what he says, for example this

I’d rather not elaborate on how until it is coded and being documented.
After all if this wouldn’t work maidsafe doesn’t work either ;_)…
however what I’m about to do… it’s based on existing technologies it’s
hard to miss. I have a nice paper with what I am going to be coding.


I’ll show you. but I’m not going to expose the “how” until it’s done,(…).

This should raise a huge red flag alone. He doesn’t want to actually share what he’s doing, and keep the code closed source. Only after the fact, he might be so generous as to open it up to the public (=SEC holders!!).

Now, consider what he’s proposing: A secure, anonymous, decentralised exchange. That’s a huge proposition, and one that a single person won’t be able to achieve within a reasonable amout of time, even if he was a super-coder and security-expert.
Even if, and it’s a big IF, he succeeded in some way, he’s gonna be way too late. There are other projects that have been working for years with a lot of developers and community help. Because it’s such a huge proposal. And some are almost at a point where they have a working product.

Have a go at shadowcash and their umbra platform! will be nothing but laughed at, compared to that.

I will finish this warning, not with my words, but his, all cut together from here. I’m freaked out. Signing off :tired_face:

ddos is prevented because the software is engineered to drop invalid
requests to nodes and to drop malicious connections and the more support
from the world in terms of machines the more redundant our process the
more reliable the system can be against ddos attacks… its the same
story for “afecoin”

there is not much to offer safe network for me, there is a process of
development that is 100% not transparent, you can not see what is being
thought about by maidsafe, there is no definitive blue print to make
success, you must talk with david irvine what he thinks the programmer
should do… OR make completely you own project, because maidsafe is not
an inclusive entity and then also open source developers are not
willing to help private company that is going to own those open source
developers’ work and for free either.

structured data and appendable data are just just programming design
patterns the underlying rails for them are not valid and that is why we
can not rely on them

the safe network doesn’t exist… rails don’t exist… we cant start
pretending like maidsafe launched a real peer to peer persistent data

If it evaluates to being real … i dont think it will be reliable to
just go all in IF there is maidsafe persistent data network… and
probably a couple years… they already use the 8 years 10 years
deception it cant be trusted imo it needs a fresh testing maidsafe will
be based on 0 days of testing on “launch” (im not pretending theres a
when for maidsafe either)

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What he is doing can be seen on Github. I trust @dallyshalla with all my SECoins. I think it’s mistake that he’s focusing on blockchain, because the SAFE Network IMHO seems the better place to play with apps. I’m a minority, because everybody seems to be voting yes blockchain.

Nevertheless I won’t sell my coins, because I trust @dallyshalla and still love

Theres nothing to be seen except the voting.

Barely anyone seems to be doing their due dilligence, so I jumped in. But it’s fine. I hope ppl only invested what they can lose. I try hard not to be an “I told you so!!1” person. I voiced my warnings, now I’ll try to lean back and watch everything unfold, worried :worried:.


Dude, you’re making a mistake imo. Better to put your unbounded energy and loyalty into something and someone more worthy with a real chance of helping millions of people. Don’t let pity or loyalty cloud your judgement, your energy and resources are needed and make a difference, as long as they are pointed in the right direction. Don’t waste them broski, move on. :wink:

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