Open Ledger DEX has closed all activities

AFAIK bankruptcy proceedings deal in fiat, not coins. So you could potentially get back some fiat, but unlikely to see any coins

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That was a warning from 2018. I wish I had seen it. I went to the most recent post in that thread and found this more recent post from February 2021:

There is a scam accusation against OpenLedger:

For those who lost funds when OpenLedger pulled their bridge, there is discussion of a Netherlands-based lawsuit being filed against its owner, Ronny Boesing. You just have to do a Google search for it or click the link to the r/LTC subreddit post in the link above.


So, I will see if I can make a claim and maybe get a little something back. I don’t have much hope. I had 20,000 MAID tokens, now worth about $20,000. I’m sure others had a lot more. It all may have amounted to millions. And Ronny Boesing continues to do business. he’s got other projects going.

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What these people have done to you and our small community is terrible. All we can do now is shout loudly and hope to warn other people.

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If the principal is a Danish resident, a well written summary to the Danish Tax authorities may assist

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Hi, I am also a victim , I got all my open assets frozen inside, feels to me like they just close the thing and walk away. And blame it on covid. This experience shadows me and forever I am afraid of investing and getting scammed.


I know another project I was interested in back in the day, Qora (now folded into Qortal, which is just getting up and running) was hit with the Open Ledger situation. There may be some community members over there who are interested in joining any action against them.

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The people behind the OpenScam project are actively following the mention of their names. Apparently it prevents them from making the next scams. We had requests from two anonymous self-proclaimed representatives requesting us to delete their names. Victims are good at making noise on social media like Twitter…

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I have made a contact with the Bankruptcy Lawyer. I will post more details shortly when I hear something more definitive back from them.

The big question is whether OpenLedger sold all of our tokens and pocketed the cash or whether our tokens still exist on our respective blockchains, whether that is MAID, BTS, EOS or any other tokens. I asked her that question and haven’t heard back.

It may have been quite a revelation to her when I said that we estimate that OpenLedger may have run off with or is still holding tens of millions of dollars worth of cryptos. The Bankruptcy Court may have only been involved in paying off OpenLedger creditors with what little cash assets and office equipment and furniture that OpenLedger had remaining after they took the tokens and ran.

The one hope I have is that in one email I received back from the OpenLedger Support Team right after they closed, they seemed to indicate that a SnapShot had been taken of all tokens held by OpenLedger at the time they closed. He seemed to indicate that the tokens would be “archived” and maybe there was hope that we could recover them at some point.

We can’t get into our OpenLedger accounts to check, but my MAID and BTS tokens are still showing here: RuDEX 3.3.220728 which is some kind of Mirror site? See if you can also login with your OpenLedger account name and password and see if your tokens are still showing. If my tokens appear here does it mean they are still on the Blockchain and Open Ledger has not sold them?

I hope the Bankruptcy Court does not feel that our funds could be used to pay off other creditors. I asked that she try to return these tokens to their rightful owners. I haven’t heard back for a few days. I will report here when I do, along with her Contact info. She said we can file a claim. That’s good, but I expect it would probably only be good for pennies on the dollar if there are no tokens. If they sold our tokens and took the cash, that seems more like a criminal case rather than a Bankruptcy one. OpenLedger will claim that those tokens became unclaimed and their property when we did not withdraw them in time according to the “short” notice they posted on their Exchange and in that obscure Blog of theirs. I told the Bankruptcy Lawyer that they did not make a good faith effort to contact us with just that notice and Blog post. They had my email, but did not notify me by email. They claim they didn’t have our emails, but I had received promotional and other emails from them prior to their closing.

Stay tuned.


As far as I can see from this site, this is an explorer for the decentralized exchange, ie. shows the wrapped tokens, not the real OMNI tokens. Do you keep track with the bitcoin address to which you sent yours MAID OMNI tokens?

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No, I do not think I have the original bitcoin address of my MAID OMNI tokens. I had transferred them from Poloniex to OpenLedger, so I never had possession of the private keys or bitcoin address.

Even on Open Ledger, I believe they always showed as this wrapped token, but I’m not sure.

So this listing on Rudex does not confirm that the tokens still exist and haven’t been sold? Bummer.

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Posting such data on another site doesn’t sound like a good idea.


You don’t need the private keys. Log in to your Poloniex account and go to the history and see from there to which address you sent them and if they are still there.

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Yes, I see what you mean. Someone in Post #47/48 above said they had retrieved their funds this way, so I was desperate enough to try. Also see Post 65.

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For all those that are affected by the OpenLedger scam, please join the following telegram group, “OpenLedger SCAM Victims”.

We can use this space to gather and see what options are available to us so we can get our assets back.

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Hello everyone.

We are gathering everyone who was victim of the OpenLedger SCAM in a Telegram group.
Our plan is to gather enough names/signatures and to (hopefully) be able to group-fund a Denmark based law firm or a lawyer so we can file a legal class action on Ronny Boesing personally for the CRIME he commited by running off with everyone’s money and dressing it up legally as a bankruptcy.

We want our original coins BACK (not fiat) and we want this person investigated and brought to justice.

Please join us:

We are going to do this legally. Denmark is a leading example in Justice and Human Rights globally. WE WILL get our funds back whether out of the OpenLedger wallet or out of Ronny’s personal pockets.

Again, to clarify, this is a CRIME… And our goal is to firstly get our COINS back and secondly bring Ronny Boesing himself to justice and clean the crypto space from people like him.



Okay. I’m trying to get back into my Poloniex Account to see my history. It is locked and I’m waiting on Circle to give me access. Thanks!

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I received this by email when I contacted the law firm handling the bankruptcy: On 27 January 2021 Openledger ApS was declared bankrupt and attorney Søren Aamann Jensen was appointed as trustee. I am handling this case on behalf of Søren Aamann Jensen.

During my handling of the bankruptcy estate, I have been informed, that the platform operated by OpenLedger ApS containing bitcoins ect. has been hacked, and all bitcoins and other crypto is lost. During the handling of the bankruptcy estate I will try to confirm the information about hacking and see if I can find more information about the bitcoins ect.

For now, I will register you with a claim towards Openledger ApS in bankruptcy. In order for me to do so, please send a specification of your claim (how many bitcoins did you have ect.), and documentation proving your ownership to the bitcoins.

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