Open Ledger DEX has closed all activities

I do have a copy of my Open Ledger backup. It is a .bin file. Not sure how to open it. Not sure if it will contain access to my Maidsafe keys. That would be awesome if it did. Will try to find out how to open it. Thanks! UpdateL Can’t seem to open it with the Archiver or StuffIt Expander.


Omniwallet is online, but I’ve read it’s pretty safe with its own unique system of security (heck if I’m able to regurgitate what I read about it). That + private keys is good enough to me.

And if you keep long term holding on paper wallets (ie printed keys) then you can use to transact and little chance of losing anything in the hour or less that key is used online. (if you have remaining MAID then send it to new paper wallet for holding)

Hi @Widestrides
Did you ever get it to work?
I still had coins there as well and would like to get them still. Also thinking of trying to get all people together that got hurt at see if we can sue them


No. No luck.

Sign me up for whatever class action suit or legal action you think can take. We are just asking them to open up withdrawals so we can get our coins back.

I thought I would find a lot more news and other folks clamoring to get their coins back, but searching Google and tracking a Google Alert on “Open Ledger” I don’t find much. I would have thought there would be a Forum or Message Board that was lit up on this subject, but so far, I am not finding many comrades in arms on this. Not going to give up and I’ll post back here if I find any help.


In case they’re not replying anymore

Danish cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK and Cryptonomex (founded by the core developers of BitShares) founded OpenLedger. Other partners include Banx Capital, Bunkershares, the Beyond Bitcoin Show, Peertracks (music platform), Idantabit, Follow My Vote, etc. The CEO is Ronny Boesing.

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I got some of my funds out via Rudex. It seems to be a copy or some people that reopened the bitshares trading platform. You can get in with your own keys. account name.

Open stuff is worth nothing though.

My MAID shows as open.MAID. It shows a value in BitShares. Can I convert it to BitShares and transfer it?

You got your MAID out?! How do I do that?


Doesn’t look like I can send my MAID, trade it or convert it. Oh well, it’s nice to see it still there. Why oh why didn’t Open Ledger just give us time and let us move it?

I still had bitshares and could trade it for BTC. I also had some open EOS. The open stuff you can try to trade, but is worth hardly anything. After trading it to btc you can withdraw it. I can’t find others that got effected. Bitshares has a telegram and discord channel. I looked there as well. It has like one or two people ranting,

Hi, @Widestrides
I appear to be in a similar situation to you regarding Open Ledger. Have you heard of any class action suits or legal actions taking place against them? If so i would like to contribute.

I have been in direct contant with Ronny on LinkedIn. He urged me to mail the support team of OL, but it is obvious that the exitscam is fully executed.

I hope to hear from you… we can set up contact elsewhere if it is of any interest

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I had a $1000 in EOS coins there as well, this Ronny is a scammer.

I haven’t heard of any class action suits or legal action taking place against Open Ledger yet. I’m surprised there is nothing going on considering how many folks must have money tied up there. It’s great that you at least got through to Ronny, but discouraging that he just passed you off to Support. I got nowhere with Support, although they at least gave me feedback for awhile before getting tired of me persisting. The whole thing is very unethical. Let Ronny know that guys like us have thousands of dollars tied up or lost. They didn’t give us proper notice or time to withdraw our funds. GL to us all.

When there is a class action suit, please add me to the list. We should start a petition and take some actionable steps as it is probably the only way we will ever see our funds again. There is clear and traceable malfeasance here, whether it’s Dan Larimer, Ronny Boesing, Ekaterina Samedova, and/or Nikolai Grebenkine.

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How much would you guess they have run off with, or are at least holding hostage? I would think it is in the millions, but maybe I overestimate how many customers they had. And what would be their most valuable holdings that they are holding hostage? EOS?

I have 20,000 MAID worth about $3,000 USD tied up there.

I would certainly estimate it’s in the millions. I would guess they are waiting for the heat to die down and then they will transfer the underlying assets of their custodial open. tokens to regular MAID, etc. token wallets. If they haven’t already done this, leaving behind just the open. token shells.

I feel dumb for having fallen for such a blatant shell game: “I’ll give you open.X if you store you tokens Y on a platform which I control (at least to which I control withdrawls and deposits … but which I am calling a decentralized exchange).”

Ugh, I have more than you do tied in there. At least I can look at it.

Until they move your coins, we can’t be sure if they’re a failed business or a scam. Sometimes good people do business that fails…

So, we can confirm that our tokens have not been sold?

That’s some hope. I was expecting they might be long gone.

I mean really, how hard would it be to just let us have our tokens?

I’d also love to know if the tokens I deposited are still in the account.

Why would a failed business not be transparent (with evidence, not just more promises) about such a basic and important issue.

Idea for taking action: First, we need to identify from whom we need to demand this info, second, we need to ask, and third, we need to see what legal options we have … since this is obliviously a Denmark-based business and international laws apply.

What do you think? I am sure there are other token-communities interested in such a line of inquiry, beyond the MAID community.

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