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Genuine question, what would this involve?

What isn’t good enough about, say, omniwallet, or trezor, or paper wallets, or omnicore, etc… What features are needed that would convince you to use this new wallet? What kept you away from these, what’s their problems?

I feel this is a very solvable problem but don’t actually understand what the problem itself is.


I think ppl just want 1 wallet to use, with no need to use omni as an extra.
Just a standalone that does everything in one place.

But let’s hear what someone who saw it as an issue has to say.


Only 2 words: Mobile wallet



I know you do bit’s on your mobile, lots do, I personally dislike the idea.
I think phones are probably easier to compromise than a pc.


So you think a Windows PC is more secure than a linux/ios not rooted phone?

I looked into OmniWallet way back when (2016) I wanted to get it off Poloniex, but I didn’t quite grok it or I didn’t trust it. I think that was the only option back then. I’ve had no trouble with many other wallets for many other coins. Did a dedicated wallet ever get developed for MAID?

There was a thread entitled Easiest way yet to backup your MAIDsafe coins. (Easiest way yet to backup your MAIDsafe coins)

That’s what made me move my MAID from Poloniex to Open Ledger. The first post started with:
"Don’t be a complete and UTTER MORON. A COMPLETE AND UTTER STUPID MORON, and leave your cryptocoins on an exchange!

Get that those MAIDsafe coins off that exchange ASAP here’s how:

  1. Go to OpenLedger and make an account:

So I did. Bad move.


I think it’d be trivial for Coinomi to support MAID since they already support Tether. Has anyone enquired? Any other mobile wallets that support Tether on Omni?


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While Omnicore and paper wallets are very secure, I think they are intimidating for less technical people. Omniwallet is easier to use, but the fact that it’s web-based makes many people feel uncomfortable. Trezor is conceptually great, but I think people are worried about how fail-safe the code is and whether anyone is committed to developing the tool.

An additional benefit to reviving omni Trezor/providing a more-official MAID wallet is that it might also better facilitate the exchange of MAID into Safecoin when the time comes.


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Yes, but you don’t have to keep a copy of the whole chain, and there are other steps you don’t have to complete.

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yes so easy to use. Just remember private key is everything.


Edit: I think I get what you’re saying—that omniwallet is a relatively decent solution in comparison to ominicore.

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Are you familiar with core?
Can you sign a transaction then broadcast it from omniwallet?
I guess that would need core up to date anyway?

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Thanks for the feedback. A summary of what problems exist with current MAID wallet options:

  • ppl just want 1 wallet to use, standalone that does everything in one place.

  • [lack of any] Mobile wallet

  • OmniWallet: didn’t quite grok it or I didn’t trust it.

  • Recommendation to Go to OpenLedger and make an account [turned out to be a bad option]

  • Paper wallets / omnicore: intimidating for less technical people

  • web-based makes many people feel uncomfortable

  • Trezor: people are worried about how fail-safe the code is and whether anyone is committed to developing the tool.

One of the steps there is ‘create backup then download’ - if you did that you may have a chance to access your coins…? Not sure what the backup would have been, if it was a private key or if it was only account info.

This is actually fantastic advice. But it reminds me of a quip about unix: UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity.

Same thing with private keys. They’re amazingly simple but to use them properly you have to know a lot to do it right. But once you understand how to manage private keys it’s really simple and elegant.


I do have a copy of my Open Ledger backup. It is a .bin file. Not sure how to open it. Not sure if it will contain access to my Maidsafe keys. That would be awesome if it did. Will try to find out how to open it. Thanks! UpdateL Can’t seem to open it with the Archiver or StuffIt Expander.


Omniwallet is online, but I’ve read it’s pretty safe with its own unique system of security (heck if I’m able to regurgitate what I read about it). That + private keys is good enough to me.

And if you keep long term holding on paper wallets (ie printed keys) then you can use to transact and little chance of losing anything in the hour or less that key is used online. (if you have remaining MAID then send it to new paper wallet for holding)

Hi @Widestrides
Did you ever get it to work?
I still had coins there as well and would like to get them still. Also thinking of trying to get all people together that got hurt at see if we can sue them


No. No luck.

Sign me up for whatever class action suit or legal action you think can take. We are just asking them to open up withdrawals so we can get our coins back.

I thought I would find a lot more news and other folks clamoring to get their coins back, but searching Google and tracking a Google Alert on “Open Ledger” I don’t find much. I would have thought there would be a Forum or Message Board that was lit up on this subject, but so far, I am not finding many comrades in arms on this. Not going to give up and I’ll post back here if I find any help.