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I don’t get why everyone finds it hard.

Btc core wallet.

Download wallet
genetate address
enter console
Use command to get pvt key
Store pvt key safely.
Send coins to generated address

No need to sync if that’s all your doing.


I get your point. If you send these instructions as you wrote them to people, most folk would have their eyes glaze over. I know I know. If they just took the time to have a serious look it not what it seems. It is quite simple. But try asking someone who’s interested in investing to follow the steps. Just regular folk that have some funds they want to put into the project. You’ll find most will be concerned they’ll make a mistake and lose their money so they end up trusting exchanges to hold them.People are given handrails often these days and I think it makes for a less technical public.

My thought was if someone want’s to invest you tell them get a trezor and use our software wallet to send and receive. It is just easier for regular people. This way they are not generating their key on their PC which might not be secure. They have all their MAID in one place and a simple wallet to send with.


Yes, your right, that would be easier.

I guess as I was already familiar with btc core it was just second nature.


Yes, if there was a good MAID wallet, I would have moved it like I’ve moved all of my other cryptos. I moved my MAID off of Poloniex because I didn’t want to keep it on an exchange. I thought Open Ledger would be more secure. If there had been an available and easy MAID wallet I would have transferred it there.


I know exactly what you mean. I hesitated myself for the same reason and left them on Poloniex as long as I could because the move seemed too technical.

I really am sorry and hope you get your MAID back.

The suggestion of offering them a fee to move it might be well worth it. It can’t hurt.

It is also why I offered to help fund the coding of a wallet to stop this from happening and making a pleasure to own and move.


A friendly reminder that you can direct new people to the guide:


What is frustrating is that I didn’t get hacked and the exchange didn’t get hacked. Open Ledger just shut things down and walked away. They must be sitting on hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of cryptos. Are they really going to just keep them all “frozen?” Why would they not make an effort to return these coins and tokens to their rightful owners? How much could it possibly cost them to do the right thing? It can’t be that much. It would probably be a drop in the bucket for one of the larger coin holders to just give them the necessary funds to do the transactions. What else could be going on here?


They are just fucking thieves and making an exit scam…


Genuine question, what would this involve?

What isn’t good enough about, say, omniwallet, or trezor, or paper wallets, or omnicore, etc… What features are needed that would convince you to use this new wallet? What kept you away from these, what’s their problems?

I feel this is a very solvable problem but don’t actually understand what the problem itself is.


I think ppl just want 1 wallet to use, with no need to use omni as an extra.
Just a standalone that does everything in one place.

But let’s hear what someone who saw it as an issue has to say.


Only 2 words: Mobile wallet



I know you do bit’s on your mobile, lots do, I personally dislike the idea.
I think phones are probably easier to compromise than a pc.


So you think a Windows PC is more secure than a linux/ios not rooted phone?

I looked into OmniWallet way back when (2016) I wanted to get it off Poloniex, but I didn’t quite grok it or I didn’t trust it. I think that was the only option back then. I’ve had no trouble with many other wallets for many other coins. Did a dedicated wallet ever get developed for MAID?

There was a thread entitled Easiest way yet to backup your MAIDsafe coins. (Easiest way yet to backup your MAIDsafe coins)

That’s what made me move my MAID from Poloniex to Open Ledger. The first post started with:
"Don’t be a complete and UTTER MORON. A COMPLETE AND UTTER STUPID MORON, and leave your cryptocoins on an exchange!

Get that those MAIDsafe coins off that exchange ASAP here’s how:

  1. Go to OpenLedger and make an account:

So I did. Bad move.


I think it’d be trivial for Coinomi to support MAID since they already support Tether. Has anyone enquired? Any other mobile wallets that support Tether on Omni?


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While Omnicore and paper wallets are very secure, I think they are intimidating for less technical people. Omniwallet is easier to use, but the fact that it’s web-based makes many people feel uncomfortable. Trezor is conceptually great, but I think people are worried about how fail-safe the code is and whether anyone is committed to developing the tool.

An additional benefit to reviving omni Trezor/providing a more-official MAID wallet is that it might also better facilitate the exchange of MAID into Safecoin when the time comes.


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Yes, but you don’t have to keep a copy of the whole chain, and there are other steps you don’t have to complete.

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yes so easy to use. Just remember private key is everything.