OneSite: Decentralized Websites

I’m Fran Villalba Segarra, Founder and CEO at OneSite. We provide the best web hosting for web developers and entrepreneurs, so that they can create and put online their websites for free. We’ve recently been interested in making websites decentralized, and just happened to come across MidSafe Alpha2.

Would it be possible to join forces between us and MidSafe in order to help make the internet more decentralized? We’re really looking forward to help on this cause :slight_smile:

More info on our idea:



Interesting. How does your service pay for itself?

We’ve got a freemium business model :slight_smile:

Really the safenet provides decentralised websites as part of its protocol. There is nothing needed to be added to make it decentralised.

Where things can be done though is perhaps assistance in making those sites (lets call them safe-sites to make a distinction).

There is a number of safe-sites made whenever there is a test network (or alpha network) up and running. And the beauty is that any data storage is decentralised as well and owned by the user rather than the site owner.

Once we have MD (mutable data) there should be a number of rudimentary dynamic safesites and later on more complex dynamic sites similar to the centralised websites on the clear-web.

Maidsafe who are creating the SAFEnetwork are busy at the moment building the core of the network and its protocols, they are very interested in the development of applications and systems that are being built on top of the SAFEnetwork.

Maybe shoot off a PM to @nicklambert or maybe he will respond here since I tagged him.