One Web - The World's Biggest Network

Not sure if anyone has come across this project before. I’ve found with these ‘bring the web to the world’ satellite technologies that they don’t always seem to have the involvement or level of funding required to realistically meet such ambitious goals. OneWeb came up on my radar (pun intended) today, announcing a $500 million funding round from the likes of Airbus, Qualcomm, Virgin and many others. While it will clearly be a profit driven company, it will be a warning for large ISPs (whose days are surely numbered) to keep their prices in check. Imagine SAFE pre installed on their terminals!


Elon Musk (who else? :wink: ) is doing a project like this as well. He says that internet in the vacuum of space is 30% faster than fiber. So SpaceX will build a big number of satellites as well. Great competition!


At this rate they’ll soon need traffic lights in space!


Now Mesh may actually come into the picture in a bigger way. The big hops across distance were too much so sharing and extending these land based receivers via MESH or very long distance wifi/radio seems like a good direction to look. We need to drop ISP’s to get on and this is a good step I hope.


Free space line of sight optical through air makes the same claim about being a third faster than fiber.


Yes…TB of data via a 1Mbs uplink and bandwidth caps does not compute, every towns gonna need a sneaker-net until this becomes reality…maybe a niche for the Post Office.


When I imagine, I rather imagine SAFE pre installed on the SAFE Network terminals.

If only some parts of the SAFE project was profit driven, who knows the Maidsafe Foundation would be my ISP. Only buy the opensource hardware once and be on the SAFE Network for free forever.

Spire might also be interesting for Maidsafe in the future.