One thread for each ambassador please

I found this interesting!

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@maidsafe can we have that?

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Its not up to maidsafe. better to tag @Dimitar
And best to not expect people to answer within minutes


just wanted to tag maidsafe in my reply

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You could have edited your opening post. And maidsafe will not answer this since they have nothing to do with the ambassadors


Thanks for the ping @dreamerchris! I will add a post for myself today :slight_smile:

I hope they will have one day when they have the resource to support the efforts of the ambassadors…


Hey @oetyng and @Sotros25 can you make yours Ambassadors pages, too? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, well… the thing is though… I don’t really feel like being subject to this sort of title.

I just want to do what I want to do.

I had my doubts when offered this but I decided to accept it as to show my appreciation for the gesture and if possible add to its weight.
I should really have listened to myself and never accepted it, since it comes out a bit weird to decline it afterwards. Sorry about that.

But that’s still the better choice.

I mean, I’m here as myself, and I prefer to continue doing that - I had enough of titles and living up to expected behavior in my past (I’ve been CTO of a tech company for several years, and I absolutely hated it). And I’m not an ideal ambassador per the common interpretation of that. Probably more of a maverick…

I’m going to continue contributing the way I am, because that’s what I want to do with my time; code, solve problems, discuss on the forums, arrange meetups and meet new people to whom I can introduce to this amazing project and with whom I can explore new ways to work with it. The rest is just noise to me.

So, @moderators , thanks, and sorry for the nuisance, but please count me out.


My answer to this is a firm, no. If anyone has any questions, they can ask me directly. What I do, I do in the open (except for not detailing the level of personal funding, hours, and networking I pour into trying to support SAFE). In general, I like your enthusiasm, @Dimitar, but I find these demands excessive.

I’m sure (or at least would like to think) @dreamerchris is well intentioned, but I’m left here thinking “who is this person that is incredibly new to this community that is now demanding to have the right and authority to discipline me?” You can’t be serious. Frankly, it’s inappropriate.

Moreover, if you (or anyone else) want to be helpful, I don’t need a thread where you can “praise” me. Instead, help think of/create content for meetups, donate funding, spread the word, etc.


I’m sorry about that. It was just a suggestion. We are all just volunteers :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally like the idea and will use my personal page to gather links to all my efforts in one place.

So when our community grows x100 in the next few months it will be easier for new people to find resources, information or inspiration if they want to help more actively :slight_smile:


I am sorry, I am enthusiastic about good things in life and I get tons of ideas when people are welcome that’s all

Edit here’s a bit about me , just note that I came to know safe network because I happen to be studying one year now programming and I was searching what I should make as a project for my graduation that would be something

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I personally think that the world will be a much better place if attention is paid to good people more. I understand, of course, from a purely evolutionary point of view, why rich and beautiful receive the most attention. However, it is better for our kind as a whole to focus on the good people more… :wink:

So I do not believe in modesty. Good should be shown in all of it greatness. If you do something good scream it off the roof. You can inspire someone else.

The ambitious people pursuing fame and money make it constant and have multiple followers… :wink:

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Good intentions is good enough for me. Just keep the ideas coming and don’t get discouraged!
I liked reading @Dimitar’s new page which would not have existed without your post.