One Small Step for The Web - Tim Berners-Lee

Tim’s latest:

So I have taken a sabbatical from MIT, reduced my day-to-day involvement with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and founded a company called inrupt where I will be guiding the next stage of the web in a very direct way. Inrupt will be the infrastructure allowing Solid to flourish. Its mission is to provide commercial energy and an ecosystem to help protect the integrity and quality of the new web built on Solid


The Inrupt website is well worth exploring, but here’s their landing page for developers:



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Still trying to figure out what Inrupt actually is…
A sandbox? An incubator? A browser? App-building UI?
And what is it’s effect/relation to SAFE? Synergistic infrastructure?

It’s a company set up with the goal of commercialising Solid, which is a way of storing data in personally controlled ‘pods’ rather than on central servers, and controlling identity through decentralised WebIDs. That way, data can be completely independent of applications that use it and users can control who or what has access. The relevance to SAFE is that @happybeing has been collaborating with Tim Berners-Lee and the Solid team to make SAFE usable as a storage platform for these pods and WebIDs.


SAFE’s Killer Dapp IS Solid itself.

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I’m glad to see Solid getting funding. So basically, Inrupt is a slush fund to start doing all the things necessary to mainstream Solid. SAFE is a shoe-in in that case…one of a number of options at first and as people warm to it. Then…the world eats the software.



Title says it all. Does anyone know how his idea with Solid and Inrupt compares to SafeNetwork and SafeBrowser?

Ok, so decentralized storage “pods” are the complement to solid.inrupt. The safenetwork seems to overlap a good deal but the decentralized storage is where maidsafe and solid.inrupt really groove.

Are there any plans to focus on the storage using safecoin as a standalone application?

Hi, just read that article about SOLID. How does this fit in with SAFE? Thanks

OK, my take. Solid is a way of disconnecting data from applications. So your personal information and anything you post online including likes, photos and comments is stored in your own private store called a pod (personal online data store). This pod can be stored anywhere with online access, and you grant access to it as you see fit. So the model is similar to SAFE in some respects, the big difference being that it uses existing web protocols whereas SAFE has its own. As I understand it, the Maidsafe team are working on integrating standards such as RDF into the SAFE Network so that apps designed to work on Solid should also work on SAFE. @happybeing has made some connections with TBL and the (so) solid crew and they are looking at how the two can interact.