One simple concept (soon to be meme) behind everything Republicans do and believe

“You work so we don’t have to.”

This is what it’s all about, what its always been about and they will try to make this hold even when they have to make up phony work to keep people exhausted as they’ve been doing.

Its expressed in everything they’ve worked for over the last 50 years:


The nepotism

Opposing a minimum wage

Anti union efforts

Trying to increase working hours

Trying to eliminate vacation and paid leave

Attacking and trying to eliminate workers compensation

Trying to reduce or eliminate unemployment insurance

Trying to get rid of overtime rules

Trying to abolish social security by deindexing, eliminating the universal benefit and lying and saying it can’t be afforded.

Trying to make social security fund other programs

Trying to increase the retirement age instead of lower it.

Ripping off pensions and trying to prevent them from being offered

Taxing the poor

Tax cuts for the rich

Regressive taxation

Private for profit prisons where people have to work or stay in prison indefinitely

Opposing universal health care

Voter discrimination, gerrymandering, gentrication

Trying to use globalism as a constant excuse

Trying to get rid of democracy and power sharing

Bribery or money as speech

Sponsored (censorship/spin) based media

Anti net neutrality

Trying to remove the separation of church and state

Patriot act

Trying to provoke hatred of the poor

Terror and a constant focus on it.

Wars of aggression and regime change

Defunding public education

Trying to price private education out reach

Trying to jail parents if kids don’t attend prison schools

Turning schools into little work camps where its about work produced and teachers act as supervisors that teach compliance.

Tying attendance to funding- again going money first kids last

Diploma mills that skip the humanities and only teach trade/tech type stuff

Eliminating academic freedom of speech with sponsorship arrangements and department selected shill

Groups like Alec that get behind the scenes secret agreements prior to votes

Secrecy as opposed to transparency

The Patriot acts

Surveillance state implements like PRISM

Punishing whistle blowers

Condoning torture

Secret laws

Trying to create distractions from tax evasion and domestic problems with a constant media focus on foreign affairs

Gated communities

The war on drugs where intoxicant but non addictive drugs like Marijuana that are used for an escape are criminalized

Promoting drugs like cigarettes and alcohol that create addiction to keep people working.

Lead in the gas to dumb people down.

Reducing wages getting rid of bankruptcy but pushing credit/debt to keep people down.

Trying to subvert democratic with autocratic law with trade law

Destroying probate

Pushing Cable TV they like subscription plus sponsorship.

Trying to take us back to the plantation by suppressing tech.

Trying to control population- its their claimed surplus protection not quality of life for others that drives
them here.

Trying to increase racism and demagoguery to drive division to divide and conquer.

Corrupting government by trying to run it as a business- it’s their biggest scam

A mindless focus on productivity and measurement of people

Trying to ensure so called employers can fire people unfairly and then are protected in their gossip

Elimination of any privacy in the little workplace work prisons

The lottery and claiming to fund schools with it.

Slashing VA funding.

Forcing people to subsidize wall street with phony retirement vehicles.

For profit local monopoly utilities- private profit makes no positive contribution in the absence of
competition Coace was historically proven wrong.

Using bonds instead of taxes.

Getting rid of county hospitals

Slashing taxes on unearned income like capital gains.

Getting rid of the ability to bargain for prescription drug prices

Extending the duration for patents, copyright.

Insisting on for profit emergency rooms.

The blanket classification of so much of what the federal government does

Destruction of documents under Bush.

Guantanomo and the massive jump in gag orders under Bush.

Every time Bush sent something back to the Supreme Court telling them to consider the idiotic business case.

The Powell Memo for a society for the sake of business society.

The elimination of Affirmative action.

The elimination of the Fairness doctrine

Profiling and laws the incriminate minorities at much higher rates.

The radical increase in the prison population.

Oil subsidies and allowing private interests to pocket the majority of economic gain from US territory deposits.

Bail ins instead of Glass Steagall.

To big to fail

But people are starting to see through it.

You can always tell a phony economists or one on the wrong side by this litmus test and this goes for many that call themselves liberal. Apparently even for people like Krugman, Martin Ford, and Eric Brynolfsson. Someone might bring up a basic income that’s sufficient and they will say it shouldn’t be substantial enough to disincentivize work. Right there you see the sell out- Brynolfsson did this at Davos and was peddling placation efforts against automation, you can see his sell out stuff when pushes his automation justifies the superstar exec compensation line of bs. In the case of Ford, he suggests a BI but insists you don’t index it because according to Ford that would be really ill advised which shows he’s really a sellout. In the case of Krugman- oh no Sanders proposals are outrageous even though we had much of them prior to the Republican con revolution- so that makes Krugman a phony liberal. As bad as the Republicans are the Republicans pretending to be Liberals are worse.
Lets not forget conservative Fed Chair Alan Greenspan’s pronouncement that a key part of his job waa making sure the common man didn’t get too comfortable.

The Repubican ideology is a criminal ideology, it’s basically murder of the people who are the recipients of the structural violence needed to act on the ideology. Those victimized are driven into involuntary subservience, stunted in their development and never allowed to exercise their volition or develop their personality. These parasitic undead vampires create an underclass of undead zombies and in so doing murder themselves unconsciously and seek solace in a religious archetypes that reflect this guilt over unnecessary sacrifice.

The dems are guilty of Defending public education.
Almost everything else is the same. Under Obama whistleblowers were regularly jailed, he continued all wars that W started, and initiated new ones, etc.

Gated communities are bad? The Obamas live in the ultimate gated community. Thy appear to be taking the inconvenience rather well.

80% of what’s bad about the Dems and Reps is the same. Rooting for the Hilary isn’t going to get you anywhere.

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The Obama Adminstration sets a new record in denying freedom of information requests :smile:

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I am having a lot of trouble with this because I don’t think I can get myself to vote for her. Her logo seems to have the trade centers with a big rightward red arrow blasting through them pointing at the word America. Is that her signalling that 911 shifted America to the right and she knows it and is on it or that she will continue the rightward shift with another 911?
Sometimes it seems Trump would be preferable to her but his friendliness with Ryan puts that in perspective.

And Obama’s gated community isn’t keeping out the midnight intrusions or the encirclements by liberals or the elevator intrusions. I bet Cheny has a better gated community.

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It goes back much further than 50 years. Marxism was probably an elite banker psyop designed to neutralize the republican movements of the 1840s, because that’s exactly what it did:

Thank you. I agree. I suspect it goes back to the start of the aggrian period 10000 years ago. Prior to that it was 4hrs of work a day outside the home. Some animals are sufficient on minutes of expenditure per day. But for us the gig is up when cars drive themselves better than we can and Ridley Scott can talk to Watson and it has a sense of humor.

Servitude is an escape from the rigors of friendship. We’re going to have to learn to get along when fighting and imposing servitude take less skill.

These two videos really show how deep and scary the problems are

Even if you don’t like Chris Hedges or Richard Wolff notice how scared they are in a non partisan way: