One percenters here, there, everywhere

I didn’t know about this (been to busy creating content) but apparently the 1% Rule also exists in the Internet.
If 1% of all Internet users create and get rewarded for their work, wouldn’t that make them the 1%ers financially, the same way we have the 1%ers in the real world?

All the footnotes where dated pre-facebook though…

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Personally, I think dinner and pet pics and comments about the same shouldn’t count.
But objectively, probably it’s a valid point.

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Here, you’ve just created content. Oh, you one-percenter!

Too many green olives there, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with couple of teaspoons of Backburn!

Try to top this:

LOL. Don’t give the Green Robber Barron any ideas!
But I admit I’d love to see Teslas with side compartments full of agile snails that open and release the car-stabilizing slugs when the owner turns on Sports Mode.

Dude, what’s with all the olives?

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Bowling alley diner in Chicago circa November 2010.

It was pretty good. Also cheap. Less than 4 dollars if I remember correctly.

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The op assumes earnings or actual contribution as opposed to theft. Still problematic if it were constructive capitalists who gave at least what they recieved. Formula applied to present situation is a reciepe for mass death of human extinction.