One of SAFE's greatest potentials is to counter anti-democratic media

At the very top of the list of threats to humanity should be anti-democratic media. We need systems of information that are not based on misrepresentation. Right now we have an increasingly fascists media system and the US is a prime example of the shift.

We will disagree about what is true or if there really is a knowable truth or useful approximation but systematic misrepresentation designed to have people act consistently against what is in their interest is unacceptable. We need information systems without conflicts of interest and we certainly need information systems that are not literally based on conflicts of interest and that exist to perpetuate those conflicts.

We need bottom up media, trustless, automated, private and secure.

DECORUM is a solid step in that direction. We need it paired with conflict free search on SAFE. We need these as soon as possible.

This was surely not off topic. Even for those of us who want to get rid of the state (all good Communists and many Libertarians) anti democratic media especially of fascists sort not only brings reinforces the state it brings on the fascist or totalitarian state.

The White House PR team, for example.

The big news is they cut out the key part of Hollande’s statement about terrorism.

It seems Obama learned a thing or two from his trip to China, where they cut let foreign leaders talk whatever they want, but parts critical of the China government are cut out from whatever is released for public consumption.

What was it that Hollande said? Sanders recently said I think we know who is behind ISIS.

I was thinking that conflict of interest based shill media should be de-listed from honest search through a user sifted feature that works like a spam blocker.

In his written statement he used the word “Ixxxxxc terrorirsm”. The White House omitted that when summarizing the statement for the media (although the statement, scanned, is linked from the WH web site).