One Laptop Per Child Project or Something Like It


Kind of thinking along the lines of a OLPC laptop and maidsafe. What if the maidsafe network could work with some group like OLPC and help a cause as well as spread nodes and resources to help the new generation adopt? I’m just throwing this out as discussion…


I think it was too early for OLPC project, open-source is still bound to software… but I hope thats the big change in the comming years, open-source hardware…


Agreed. I’ve worked indirectly with them through a company providing mesh networking software to their XO tablets in the past and it was pretty clear their hardware implementations were not well thought out - I would assume because there’s not too many options in hardware and contractors to work with as most of it is closed source.
Once they have the right hardware, things like mesh networking and SAFE net implementation will be much easier!