"On topic" citations should stop


Actually anyone keeps you from doing that. Or do you wish moderators doing it for you?


Maybe on that site or in off topic an anonthread which would be like an IRC chat but no trip codes. Make it like 4chan in its glory days. So really no mod. People could identify in the thread (on 4chan it led to claimes of “samefagging”) but so what? It would just be a single always progressing thread. It could help keep noise out of more formal threads acting as a back channel. But unlike 4chan resist attempts to catagorize or currate in anyway.


The only thing keeping me from doing it is the lack of a domain name. I could whip one up on my own site but you guys would have to make do with using a subdomain. Also I have no idea how or if I could use Discourse as I’ve never used this forum platform before and have no clue as to the technical aspect to it. As for the mods I was thinking the mods could create a second forum with a subdomain or something as it would be easier to do from their end but that’s all I was thinking of and it’s mostly for an asthetic reason. Using “unmoderated.safernetworks.io” or some other subdomain would look a lot better than “safeforum.twilighthaven.ca” or whatever subdomain name I come up with. You know what I mean? We already have the forum here on the site and the associaiton thereof.


FYI, this forum is in a subdomain also (forum.safenetwork,io)


Yeah but the safernetwork.io part isn’t.


Could you not just have

altsafeforum.blindsitesite.com and that is similar to safenetforum.org

Or did I miss your point completely?


My point is mostly asthetically based (And my website is www.twilighthaven.ca not blindsite.com). As I said if that’s not an issue for anyone than sure.

Also I believe the other point I was trying to make is if I do make a forum it probably won’t be using Discourse because I can’t seem to figure out how to install it.


Can we have a blindsite unending thread that is old style 4chan? Your nic(here) itself describes something like a blinded thread.


Here http://altsafeforum.twilighthaven.ca

Enough bitching already. If you’re not too fussy and willing to let me work on the forum as we go then boom it’s ready and you can start signing up.



I’d say a new meta post, announcing it and giving any data you want known about its purpose, expectations (or lack thereof), etc., would be great.

I’m not sure how much I’ll participate, but who knows?

I’ll definitely keep an eye on it for interesting stuff.


Given the nature of the OP, I’m obviously not going to moderate this topic, so feel free to have side discussions :wink:


Do the mod tools of Discourse let mods select replies and move them all to a new topic and is it easy? If so I’d support mods having free reign to do that. Much nicer than a comment nagging people (which is off topic in itself).

Ultimately this is a problem with the features of Discourse, not the mods themselves.


They do, but as I mentioned it is time consuming. Often those discussions happen very quickly and generate a lot of content. As things hot up, it will of course get even harder. Also, it doesn’t work on mobile, which is where I normally am.

It’s because we weren’t able to do that adequately that we began asking the community to look after topics better.


I’d like to add something to the thread here and that is that this forum is foremost to inform everybody about the SAFE network. It is accepted at this forum to talk about all kinds of other stuff like some like to do but the main focus should always be SAFE.

And this is not about me personally, but the entire moderating team spends a few hours a day voluntarily to keep this forum clean and clear so also OP and other people who are criticizing the moderators can find whatever they need to learn about the SAFE network.

Of course there is a lot to learn for all moderators and we’re doing that every day again, sometimes even need to undo actions because we were proven wrong. I just feel that some people here seem to forget what this forum is about and why we’re here.


Noted, and thank you to all mods for the crucial work. I’ve long thought of all the mods as being more like SAFE staff because my sense is each contributes substantially behind the scenes or in some cases works directly on the project (actual staff) or took over from super busy people who do and that close ties and communication remain. Forum is a great resource.


…who said you can declare that? :frowning:

I thought it was to foster our SAFE community… Which is really important. But, regardless, neither of us can just decide what the whole forum is all about. It’s become bigger than any single one of us already.

(if I can just add a little personal opinion tho: It’s not just a facts sheet place, that’s what the Wiki’s are for man)


The welcome post on the forum says it all actually.

I didn’t say that, and yes we can decide what the forum is about: It’s about the SAFE Network and yes also to foster the community. That doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be any moderation and people are free to spit out whatever they want and wherever they want.

I’ve said what I wanted to say and people who don’t appreciate the moderation are always free to talk without moderation on other places.

EDIT: It’s also possible for the no-moderation members to start a channel on Slack.


The problem is that the need for a linked topic only becomes apparent after it’s already too late.

Actually, it is both a “linear” and threaded discussion board at the same time, and it is inconvenient in my opinion. The left-bottom button “Replies” that can be unfolded shows the thread for that post. But at the same time any new post is also added to the bottom.

What we need in my opinion is a Discourse plugin that unfolds the “Replies” to a post by default, and that only shows general (non-targeted) replies at the bottom. That way a thread of off-topic replies can simply be folded by those uninterested.

EDIT: An extremely good topic concerning this problem: https://meta.discourse.org/t/threaded-vs-flat-discourses-way-of-handling-responses-is-genius-but-i-have-one-small-suggestion/4053/59


I do like the way facebook is doing threading. You get the main replies and the long rants and bickering get folded up with a “show more”

That is well done.


Those are some really good ideas I like it!