Omniwallet Transaction Issue

First time I’m trying to transfer maidsafecoins from Omni to support @dallyshalla’s work on Safex and getting this error message “Funds could not be sent: Error preparing transaction: undefined”. Anyone else run into this?

Entered a bug in Github (two other closed issues with the same heading so someone else has had this issue :wink:

Which browser did you use?

Sending funds needs chrome. firefox does not work.

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Yep, I’m using Chrome…

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Is Omniwallet the only mastercoin protocol wallet out there?

If you have a full Bitcoin node you can use the Omni CLI.
I don’t know about other Web wallets.

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By the way this graph shows the likely cause of issues people have been experiencing:

(The Bitcoin network is too busy)

Oh, I forgot to add: if Omni wallet is open source you could install it at home (in a VM, for example) but it’s likely you’d experience the same problems. At least with the CLI it’s simpler and there’s slightly less risk from timeouts, etc. A full node with the Omni CLI is a good idea if you are a dev or expect to use it often. Otherwise it’s too much hassle because of the workload generated by Bitcoin Core.


It will be nice when we have our own coins on our own network (with our own issues).


@chadrickm I’m sure that restarting your browser and trying again with the transaction it would likely go through.

Also, if that doesn’t work - to overcome issues with transactions, you can increase the transaction fee from .0001 to .00015-.0002 and it will be more favorable to miners.

Otherwise, try at a different time. I mentioned the issue to Sean, an Omni core developer though I hope the simple restart will work out or the small increase in the transaction fee could solve the issue.

In my future progress the safex client is to have omni protocol capabilities effectively making it a maidsafecoin wallet, safe exchange coin, safecoin, and of course bitcoin. the maidsafecoin and safe exchange coin use the same protocol as bitcoin the unique coin here in how it operates is safecoin, additional progress would be to make safe exchange coin into a token on safe network off of the block chain. I think maidsafecoin will still be a very used item as not all of the maidsafecoins will be converted to safecoins necessarily all at once.


Hmm, increasing the fee increases the likelihood of the tx being confirmed, but it shouldn’t prevent the transaction from being broadcast, so I am skeptical about that being useful here. (I think it would be useful to the guy from the other thread). Maybe Omni wallet works differently from what I expect (if you know it does please let me know).

I just looked at blockchain stats, number of tx is going through da roof… I’m quite happy about it, although it causes inconvenience for my own use of Bitcoin too :slight_smile:


If anyone runs into this I was able to get it to go through by just continuing to submit it. Took 3 times for it to finally go through. Looking forward to being a part of safex @dallyshalla.