Omniwallet small custom miner fee still unconfirmed

I’ve read various threads on how to override a stuck, unconfirmed transaction. But I’d like to hear from the smart people of this forum on the exact, proven (if there was ever a precedent for my situation), step-by-step method to fix this problem of mine, rather than relying on a shady bitcointalk thread. I’d say it’s going on about 6 days that it’s still saying unconfirmed.

I sent over half of my MAID - from two different BTC addresses - into a new address, for extra security ultimately. And I didn’t have much BTC in those two Omniwallet BTC addresses to pay for the miner fee. So I did something like 0.0002184 custom fee for the first BTC address, and 0.0001365 custom fee for the second BTC address. The thing is, Omni only sends like 0.00000546-ish BTC (or, half that?) in order to send the MAID to a new address in the first place, so it’s stumping me as to how such a small amount of BTC would even require that much of a miner fee.

Should I continue waiting-out the confirmations? Or try someone’s method that they might kindly lay out for me as a reply in this thread?

This is just me being selfish, but I really think Omniwallet should warn people to not set too low of a fee, or just flat out say that it’s highly recommended that you make sure you have enough BTC for the non-custom-setting options. If only because, I figured it wouldn’t take this long considering that it’s barely any BTC. (But maybe I incorrectly assumed/recalled/remembered that that is[n’t] how the Bitcoin blockchain works.)

Thanks much.

TLDR; unfortunately you’ll need to wait it out

Hmmm I’m not really smart, but I have the same problem. I got a few hints here, but they didn’t help :confounded:

ViaBTC couldn’t do anything for me, even after sending all bitcoins on my address to the destination address with a higher fee nothing happened.

This is way too small an amount of fees. Omni protocol needs more in fees than normal because of the way it is sent.

If you look at just the BTC transaction (which has the omni protocol encoded onto it) the sat/byte is way too small even for a mining pool to specially include it for you (viabtc) since they require the transaction to have a bit more than that. from their site - "you can submit any TXID that includes a minimum fee of 0.0001BTC/KB. " You can try if you want which did work for me recently for a underfee transaction that was stuck waiting.

I’ve been told that its something like 72 hours before the transaction will drop away and cease to exist. (Thus your funds returned - well they never left since transaction is unconfirmed)


I noticed that on blocktrail, it shows like 175 confirmations. Which sounds like a lot, but the previous transactions have many 10’s of thousands of confirmations. So hopefully it’ll eventually… eventually… go through. I tried viaBTC but it looks like I may need to spend the 0.01BTC their FAQ mentions to get it through immediately, in case of dire emergency. And being able to see a fully accurate/complete reading of my MAIDs is definitely dire :stuck_out_tongue: (ah well, will just wait …I guess). A friend is having a similar problem, but not related to MAID, but he has 700 confirmations on blocktrail, and no sign of confirmation. I’m not sure if that number on blocktrail has anything to do with eventual success with completing the transaction, seeing as he was also constantly saying that “it’s stuck at 0/3 confirmations,” so I don’t know what blocktrail’s confirmations are referring to. As for the 72 hour thing, it’s been quite beyond that by now. Hmmmmmmm

That really is saying its confirmed on the blockchain

Try the transaction id on

It sounds like there is another problem. What is saying 0/3 confirmations while blocktrail has hundreds of confirmations? Sounds quite odd