Omniwallet not allowing import of private key

Hi I am trying to send some safecoins from my paper wallet to omni wallet and it is giving me an error saying that the private key is not a valid private key address. I triple checked it and also tried with another private key and still had no luck. Anyone else having problems with this?

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Make sure you have BTC on the address, Omni layer transactions require about 0.0005 BTC


ok good to know but the problem is with omniwallet, not with sending transactions. There is literally no way to import a bitcoin private key into omni so that the transfer would even be possible.

do you use chrome? omniwallet seems to have problems with e.g. firefox …

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yes i am using chrome

hmm - crap …

EDIT: ok - just created a wallet and imported a freshly generated private key … works here …
…used firefox ^^ …

just tried it in safari and got the same error “Must be a valid Bitcoin private key”

was that on chrome? i dont know if it matters but i am trying to import the address from

no i used firefox … since i had no chrome installed i quickly tried though I thought it shouldn’t work …

sorry I’m not very experienced in this stuff … i don’t know if there is something special about addresses generated at


You can derive the address from its private key anywhere. And send any amount of BTC to it, also from anywhere.

yes, you are theoretically correct. however, there is an error in omni that is not letting me do just that.

Please, @janitor, would appreciate it if the dismissive tone were softened on this sort of thing. Right or wrong, he’s just trying to resolve something.


100% sure you’re importing the private key and not the public key :slight_smile:️? May sound silly but I know someone who did that before :expressionless:

I had a very similar sounding issue with this when I was doing this from a blockchain wallet.

When exporting the keys you have to make sure they are in the correct format (choose from the dropdown menu). I believe it’s ‘Bitcoin-QT format’


It’s possible that if you password encrypted your BTC wallet you must first decrypt the private key and import it raw as if there was no password…I don’t have the time to look for the procedure but I’ve seen it somewhere on the net, probably have to download Bitcoin Core to extract the un-encrypted private key

Nonsense isn’t a four letter word. I think I very accurately described the claim. The first meaning from the Collins Dic:

something that has or makes no sense;


Sadly in today’s society it is more important to be “welcoming” and “accommodating” than stick to the true and tried approach of asking questions when you want to solve something, rather than making baseless & speculative claims based on nothing.
By moderating like this, this forum drags the conversation to a lower level of today’s democracy. allows one to download his private key unencrypted.

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Yes , it does, but OP has a paper wallet not an export from

Actually I mispoke in OP, it is coming from, sorry. I am using their new beta wallet and I think it relates to the formatting of exporting a private key (why the hell would one change the formatting on that!?). Anyway, thanks for the help everyone, I am hoping it will be resolved soon.

Oh jesus. OK I got the private key formatted correctly and imported the key into Omni… and now it really is a problem with Omni - it is not showing that I have any addresses, nor will let me choose which coin to send. Here is a screenshot to show what is happening:

use chrome/refresh the wallet/log out - log in