Omnicore wallet - the most secure wallet for your Maidsafecoins

On an epic level, yes, but they have a cause worth fighting for, which is the most powerful kind of motivator.


Ok you’re talking about “safecoin” and not “maidsafecoin” sorry I got confused :stuck_out_tongue:


On this network, it is all about storing data really. The Safecoins will just be a special type of data. Obviously with that data representing value, you want to make sure you have a solid network to store it. So for now the focus is on storing data of little value, and the coins will kinda be one of the last things added. (additional non-essential features will of course be added later on)

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Hi all,

I have a quick question. I downloaded the OMNICORE wallet to store some coins Now while the syncing at first has worked fine, I’ve been stuck late 2016 for weeks with almost no movement. Is there any way to speed up/reset the process? e.g. download the blockchain and import it directly to the wallet directory? Or transfer coins to a different wallet that doesnt need to sync the entire blockchain? It was a rookie mistake I made…Any other suggestions would also be appreciated. Smiley

Cheers guys!

@Jinso, do you have the private keys to the BTC address your coins are stored on? If you do then wallet can be used to send coins if needed.

Otherwise you might have to restart the node from scratch, sounds like the node’s database might be corrupted.

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I’ll give that a try

Another thing you could try is seeing if you can sync with Bitcoin Core, then switch to Omni Core if/when you get synched up. I’m not sure which version of BTC Core that Omni Core is branched from, but it potentially could be an older version that is missing some bug fixes or optimizations that could help with your issue.

Is anyone else having issues connecting to Omniwallet? I think their site might be down?

Its down for me too. Getting a cloudflare 502 error (bad gateway) so the https server is likely to be offline


Thanks for checking Neo!!!


yes @neo is very great

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Does anyone here use pruning with the omnicore wallet? If so, does it work alright?
… and are there any drawbacks?

I’ve read that if I switch to pruning and then don’t like it, I’ll have to re-download the entire bitcoin blockchain … so yeah, I’d like to make sure that this works alright.

If it does work well, this would be a boon to those who would like to securely hold MAID on their computer but don’t wish to download/store the entire BTC blockchain.

EDIT, looking at this (albeit from two years ago):

I’m guessing that Omnicore still doesn’t support pruning (even though bitcoin core does). So … nevermind my previous query - I guess nobody has been able to try pruning.

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I just sent 10,000 MAID to another wallet with Omnicore, and there was no option to choose my miner fee amount. The one that it defaults to seems too little?!

Total Inputs 0.00149622 BTC
Total Outputs 0.00134899 BTC
Fee 0.00014723 BTC

Meanwhile OmniWallet website usually does around 0.0004 BTC fee.

My transaction ID detail says “contains dust”. I mean, it’s not obscenely low of a fee, but I still wonder if it won’t be picked up by confirming miners? Is this a flaw in Omnicore?

thread title should be changed to “the most annoying and frustrating wallet for your anything”.

(waited almost 2 weeks for it to sync, left it off overnight, realized it had 16 more hours of Blockchain to sync, program crashed when I got impatient and tried to send MAID anyway, and then it took another 8 hours to do some weird scanning thing before the program even fully loaded, which I’d never seen in my life. and now when I do send it, the miner fee isn’t good at all, and I feel like I’ve wasted my coins, even if there is a solution.)

was I supposed to use the command line to set my miner fee properly?? There’s an option in Options that you can Checkbox to open up all sorts of customization/miner goodies for Bitcoin itself, but not Omni assets… Has anyone even used this program?

Was it because I only had a BTC balance of 0.00149 to start with, and then it arbitrarily decided a (not adequate) miner fee? Or because it’s not programmed correctly? Not even said Bitcoin-transaction Checkbox’s “Recommended” fee slider goes below 0.001BTC at the lowest “normal” speed.


“Omni Layer”

Either this is pure ridiculousness or I’m doing something wrong. I was patient all the steps of the way, and now I’m royally messed up because of this low fee it decided on its own. I remember when I sent a low fee on my own fault’s accord in Omniwallet, and after a week or so, the transaction was automatically canceled, and I got my MAID back. But I and probably many others would benefit greatly to have someone explain if there’s any way to set a working miner fee for Omni Layer via Omni Core. I would try sending more MAID with more BTC available in my wallet, via Omni Core, but I don’t want to bother wasting even more resources on that, if someone can answer my questions in this post, for the future of users wanting the most secure wallet…that actually works.

Well it finally transferred.

tl;dr: Please update software to make a fee slider for OmniLayer coins thanks!!!


Downloaded the 64-bit Linux version from the link. It’s a small file, I extracted it, but I don’t know what to do from here.


In the ‘bin’ directory you will find ‘omnicore-qt’. You can run that file and it will launch the GUI and start syncing the Bitcoin blockchain. I think it is about 150 GB at present time.


Syncing takes a long time! I used the online version of Omni for years with no problem but now have moved to offline and it’s definitely more of a pain. I suppose greater security as I’m cutting and pasting pass-codes over the internet, but I think this is only a marginal difference. I may switch back in the future.

I just a few minutes ago bought the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, and just downloaded the Cmnicore wallet. Steep learning curve ahead.

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The Ledger Nano S doesn’t really support Omni tokens yet. It could store them, but can’t easily send them. See Cold Storage Options for MAID in 2017?