Omnicore wallet - the most secure wallet for your Maidsafecoins

I had to create this post here since a lot of Maidsafecoin holders seem to be confused about what wallet to use and which one is the most secure.

Everyone seems to be recommending Omniwallet, which is a pretty decent web wallet, offering client side encryption, that allows the users to hold the private key. It also allows you to backup the wallet and store it offline but it’s still a website.

The best and more secure wallet, however, is Omnicore, which is an offline wallet based on the Bitcoin-qt wallet that’s been heavily modified. I’m surprised how none of the devs have mentioned this to new users. This is the most secure and best way to hold Maidsafe without messing around with holding it in some Bitcoin only wallet.

There is a crazy amount of Maidsafecoins held on Poloniex. Please move your coins to a safe wallet, preferably an offline wallet. - “Get Started” is where you can download Omnicore from. The downside is that it downloads the whole Bitcoin blockchain, +100GB in size but that’s about the size of a modern video game so it’s not the end of the world. Here is a direct link


Is this real? ,…,20chr

It’s been real for years but many people didn’t get the memo. It takes a while to sync the first time depending on your CPU and bandwith, since we’re talking the Bitcoin blockchain here but you only have to do that once.

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I’ve used it and recommend it also. You can make a Bitcoin paper wallet for offline storage and import the key into Omni core when you want to move the coins.


Thanks for flagging this up, as it could be a good option for those willing to run a full Bitcoin node.

Does this allow offline transaction signing?

I had a brief look at this, but I don’t want to bother with a wallet that’ll lock up my coins until I sync the blockchain every time given I access my Maid very infrequently. (I realise this is an assumption - let me know if this isn’t the case).

I’d far rather use Electrum & import the private key to omniwallet when needed, without needing to sync the whole blockchain.

If they made a light version of Omnicore that didn’t require syncing the full blockchain, and enabled cold storage & offline signing, I’d definitely be interested in using it.


You can use armory, which is supported by Offline signing, tx broadcasted through the omni website. Easy to set up with adjustable wallet unlock times for extra security. No need for downloading the whole blockchain.


Thanks - I didn’t realise Armory can create Omni transaction offline.

I’ll look it up, as it’d be far easier than having to create new wallets every time I upload a private key to Omniwallet!


You can store your Maidsafecoin in Trezor or Ledger wallet on a Bitcoin address. When you want to spend your Maid you can import your seed in this converter offline:

The public and private key you can import in OMNI wallet with this file structure:


Thanks - I prefer the idea of signing offline so the private key is never exposed.

Here’s the instructions for armoury, which I assume would work with any Omni asset:


Back when OMNI was still mastercoin, before the online wallet was made there was a very simple prog to send transactions.
You pulled in into a cmd window and it generated three addreses.
You had to make sure all your coin in that BTC wallet was on the address with your token coin.
Then send a specific amount to those 3 addresses at the same time.
Was very simple to use, I may still have it on a usb.
Not sure if someone from OMNI would still have it, but you didnt need to download another wallet or ever expose pvt keys.

Just a thought.

Upon reflection, i remember i am wrong, that was for sending msc, not other omni tokens.

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Using Armory via Omniwallet is an interesting option but the average guy won’t use it. It’s too complicated. People even find Omniwallet too intimidating, as well as sending coins back`n forth and paying a Bitcoin fee.

Downloading a +100GB blockchain is not really an issue to most people if the setup is user friendly enough. It’s very easy to install Omnicore on any OS and there are no dependencies.

You only have to wait longer for it to sync the first time. After that first sync, catching up a few weeks or even months won’t be such a big issue.

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I’ve been stuck a few times wanting to make a ‘quick’ transaction with some coin I haven’t used in a while, and syncing blockchains can take hours or more after a few weeks or months, which has caused me frustration, hence the desire to avoid that issue.

I also use tiny tablets with well under 100gb storage for my cold wallet devices, and cold wallets need to remain offline to minimise risk, so armory is a suitable option for me.

Thanks for the info though - it’s an option I wasn’t very aware of and may be just what someone needs.

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Just curious. I’ve asked this elsewhere before, but never got any clear answers.
When will (roughly) the ACTUAL Maidsafe wallet be available? - ie when we hold real maidsafe coins rather than tokens in the Omniwallet.

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When it’s ready… they’re not building things that have been built before and no one has a yardstick to measure development by. They’re innovating and creating an entirely new solution, that makes it much harder to predict how things will progress. A development like SAFEcoin is still dependent on other developments, some of which might be done in days or weeks, or it could take months to get some of them right. There’s really no way to know whether things will work properly until they are being tested and doing what they’re supposed to do, so I’m not surprised you never got a clear answer, there’s no way for anyone to know. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I can tell you that we universally hope it will be this year and many are optimistic. That’s the best I could offer.


Probably never actually! The point is to switch maidsafecoin with real safecoin (1:1) once the network is launched. Maidsafecoin can be stored in any bitcoin wallet, so that’s enough for now I guess. Safecoin will have its own type of “wallet” once the network is launched :slight_smile: Or were you talking about real safecoin and not maidsafecoin :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ?

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Thank you! That’s the best answer I’ve got so far :grinning:
I asked because in every dev update, they talked about apps etc, making no mention of the “wallet”, which is always the first thing other projects would roll out. Wonder why the “wallet app” was never mentioned - or did I missed that?

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Thanks to the amazing bochaco!

Obviously there will be other wallets and all kinds of different functionality


This sounds cool, but I was referring to the “Official” Maidsafe wallet, where we can redeem our ICO tokens currently held in Omni wallet into our native Maidsafe token operating in the Safe network.

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Yeah, that’ll come along with testsafecoin etc a little further down the road. If the next release goes smoothly then perhaps that won’t be too far away though. If things work then development can go pretty quickly, problems take time to fix sadly.

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Great. Waiting patiently with everyone else :slight_smile: When launched, that must be an epic moment. Never seen a project under development for this long. The devs really have stamina!!