Omnicore wallet problem

Hi guys, i’ve download the wallet and it is synchronising but i noticed it needs immense space in the hard disk. So it almost finished in my pc and there are 30 weeks left yet. I didn’t think it needs so much space, and more and more it goes ahead. Don’t know how to resolve this problem.
What do you suggest me?

Why don’t you just use the online one - no need to download anything. Make sure you use two-factor authentication though.


Omni core is a Bitcoin full node that includes support for the Omni layer, so what you are downloading is the Bitcoin blockchain.


Cause i thought Omnicore was more secure
But i think using Omniwallet is the only option…

Yeah i know but i don’t have space anymore

It is more secure but the blockchain now is way too big to host practically, unless you have some sort of beast of a machine


ok thanks for the advice. Do i need just two factor authentication in order to get it more secure?

This is indeed one of the reasons why blockchains have a major issue : quickly the average ( no judgement here ) user is not able to act as a decentralised node due to disk usage.
I stopped running a full bitcoin node recently for the same reason, and went for online wallets ( with all the trust parameters that this implies )
Just as @jpl said, go for an online one, and praise for Safe to rise soon enough and fix all this nonsense :slight_smile:


Yes, it makes a big difference


ok thanks @nice a lot!


You could also host your own full node and OmniWallet instance in your own server. But takes a bit of setup

Yeah, my computer sucks, so whenever I tried downloading from omnicore, it would lock up my computer, and I never did get it downloaded.

Going to have to use omniwallet till I get a new computer, which I was planning to buy anyway, to use as crypto dedicated.


Yes last time I did some stuff using it (6 months ago) it was on the order of 100GB. I just bought a 10TB drive so I guess I’ll have no issue now. Back then it took over a week to get it sync’d onto a 3TB drive so the time was not affected by the amount of space I had or bandwidth (100Mbps)

I rebuilt my machine and the virtual box VM got messed up and I haven’t worried about it since.

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I just have a small SSD in my PC and threw an extra 500GB hard drive from an old laptop in there to hold the Bitcoin blockchain. Certainly not what I’d categorize as a beast. I’d say the biggest demands will be on your upload bandwidth consumption (if you expose your outbound connections). Otherwise still pretty easy to run, at least once you get past the initial sync.

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