Omni wallet ID retrieval

Can the omni guys find your wallet ID for you?

I was just moving some coins out of cold storage, moved them into a new omni wallet, sent some to a new cold storage wallet, then it logged me out!

I very stupidly only noted the pw and not the wallet ID because it was just to use for 20 mins while I shifted coins around, then never to be used again. It logged me out after 5 mins and didn’t remember the wallet ID in the cache.

Please tell me there is some way the guys at omni can get my wallet ID for me??? I didn’t enter my email address on sign up, so am shitting myself and they are not back on for 3 hours to answer my questions.

Can they retrieve the ID for me with the wallet address I imported into it??? Surely they can find it with this and I still have the pw so I should be fine?!?!

In desperate need of reassurance.

Gahhh, why would it log me out so quickly and not remember the wallet ID in the cache???

Hi Jabba,

Sorry to hear this. All may not be lost:,-I-lost-my-Wallet-ID!

Good luck!


Oh thank you! I have sent them my IP so please god they will be able to fix this. How daft of me to be so careful with every other detail and then forget to note the wallet ID in the temporary wallet :confused:

Seriously terrified until they get back to me, but that link has helped calm me down a bit lol.

Much appreciated Merkle! ty


Hey, we have all made a bad at one time or another. You’re among fellow travellers.:laughing:

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Don’t you have the old wallet address from which you sent the coins? If so you should be able to see to which address they were sent on (or some other site where you can see transactions)?

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I need wallet iD not address though. I don’t have the private key because it was just an interim omni wallet to import an offline one and send most to a different offline wallet. If i’d planned on keeping it I would have kept my own private key.

It’s ok though, I think with the time stamp and ip address they should be able to find the wallet id easily enough.

I bloody well hope so anyway /nervous laugh

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All right, my bad :slight_smile:

Hope they can help you. Had some bitcoin stuck on omni once and they managed to resolve it. Took like three days though, but it’s the result that counts :sweat_smile:

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Hey, this happened to me too! No worries, I emailed support, and they got my ID back very easily :slight_smile:


an e-mail address is optional when you sign up for a wallet and they usually send out an email with a link to your wallet. if you remember using an e-mail try going to your email inbox or spam folders and searching for that confirmation email.