Omni Wallet Balance?

Question to the community at large. Does anyone know a way to display an Omni Wallet Balance on a post on this forum?


Can you use screen capture? On Windows, pressing Shift-Prtscr will get the display onto the system clipboard, then you can paste it into any graphics viewing or editing program. On Linux (Debian-KDE) I use Ksnapshot in the Kickoff menu to save it, and crop it in Gimp.


I was hoping to present the balance in real time as the balance changed.

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multiple screenshots! :smiley:

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Not exactly what I had in mind :wink:


I think I get you though - you want to have some kind of little embedable html tag that will display your current omnicoin balance. I don’t think one exists however if they have a half decent api it wouldn’t be hard to throw one together.

This is exactly what I’m looking to do. I figure with our extremely intelligent and tech savvy community that we could figure out how to make this happen.

And to up the ante, 150 MSC to the first person that figures it out.

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Can you craft a webpage elsewhere that is a .png image for that detail you want and then insert it to a post?.. I don’t know how to prevent the forum making a local copy but perhaps it doesn’t always do that.

Step 1: Example source data for that is

Step 2: <img src="[insert magic here]=" />

Step 3: Profit



DaMN bbcode iframe is blocked

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I haven’t time to figure this out but I expect you could draw down the data into a Google:Spreadsheet with use of script in that, then try to see if an embedded Google:Spreadsheet or cells from it can be put directly into Discourse.

Seems like a lot of trouble to display a balance that can trivially be displayed one link away.

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but does it refresh or will that image become made local by discourse in the next 24hrs. Would need an account that changed over time to check that.


    system    31 mins      — downloaded local copies of images

so that doesn’t work.

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also need US dollar amount.

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I cant log in in omniwallet, can you?

It seems to be down at the moment for me as well.

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Omniwallet still down… :confused:

Hey guys. This is Adam at Omni. Our backend client on Omniwallet seems to have hit a hiccup over night. I’ve kicked it and its restarting/rescanning. You can login to omniwallet now however the backend is lagging behind (last block parsed 424584). Once the backend client finishes its resync/scan we’ll get caught up pretty quick. Should take about 1-2 hours from current estimates “Still scanning… at block 337126 of 424584.\nProgress: 26.96 % (about 75:32 minutes remaining)”}
I’ve posted a notice on the main website and will update /remove that when its done


Ok That took a little longer than originally estimated by the client but Omniwallet is back up to date now. Should be all set.