Omni Layer: Activation of trading any pair on the distributed exchange

omg… :+1:

Reasons to be cheerful :smiley:

Beginning with Bitcoin block 627250, which is expected to be on or about 23rd April, 2020, a new version of the distributed exchange on the Omni Layer protocol goes live.

After the activation, it will be possible to trade any token for bitcoins, e. g. Omni, MaidSafeCoin, USD₮ or Agoras without any third party involved.


For those not aware Omni is the rebranded MasterCoin that always had big ambition and then just settled down ticking over quietly. Great to see them following through now.

Omni Core 0.8.0+ users can use the new feature as soon as it is available and Omni Wallet users not in restricted jurisdictions will have access shortly thereafter through has always been a good option and this should allow real accessibility for trading MAID.

Spread the word then and perhaps volume will follow for those wise to SAFE. :+1:


How does it work in detail? You trade within the wallet?

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Using the OmniDex


Just to note that confirmed on Telegram: Omni Layer that the 0.05% interest is still in play, which is nice.

The Omni Layer Foundation recently released the latest version of its Decentralized Exchange, OmniDex 2.0. Omni holders will soon start receiving 0.05% of the exchange volume as interest, after an introductory month of fee free trading.


Great news. Now hopefully they complete the hardware wallet integration in Omniwallet.