Ok so I can't buy ether like maidsafecoin yet


MaidSafe is really something new to me and it probably confuses me.

there’s no blockchain

I failed to find a way to get maidsafecoin and no wallet

I fail to find documentation to build “DApps”

there’s a lot of platform out there waves,ethereum,lisk,counterparty

can someone please highlight why they stick to this project when there’s no product yet and why should i build Dapps on this platform than others


This platform hasn’t been released yet, so no only testnet Dapps are possible atm. But you can buy maidsafecoin already here.

There’s really a lot to say about the project, and Im sure others will chime in aswell so I’ll keep it short. For me this project is special because, contrary to all the other projects, safenet will be a platform for ALL internet services we currently know of, rather than only some of it. We will be able to build everything on top of it, but completely anonymous and secure, decentralised, tamper-proof and without censorhip.

It will have data-chains, which have some properties of blockchains (for lack of a better explanation) and has a cryptocurrency build in which fuels the whole network, but acts like cash. So it has no blockchain, 0-sec transaction/confirmation time, no ledger (anonymous like paper cash).

We will have cheap storage (storj.io does something comparable in that regard), shared computing (like Golem fro Eth I believe) and so much more. It’s really kinda exhausting to think of all the possibilities. But hey, you asked :slight_smile:

Here’s also a nice vid.


@_nur I think @rand_om has given a good summary. To understand why, I think you’ll need to read up a bit to get a sense of both the vision and the technology, both of which are important to to your questions IMO.

Another way of doing into this is to asks yourself, and tell us, what are the problems and limitations you see with those projects you mentioned. Then ask which of those issues apply to SAFEnetwork, and to what extent.

Oh, and the wallet for MaidSafecoin is the Omniwallet, but that only applies until your MaidSafecoin is redeemed for Safecoin on the network after beta.


there’s no blockchain

SAFE uses XOR networking which promises to be more scalable than blockchains - see also @rand_om’s comments above which appeared as I was writing this!.

Safecoin as a cryptocurrency doesn’t exist as the system is not yet live. However, you can buy the MAID token at Poloniex and other places. Once the system goes live you will be able to exchange it for Safecoin.

I fail to find documentation to build “DApps”

There are demo examples here and the API is documented here. I’m not a developer but apparently the email app is a good place to get started.

there’s a lot of platform out there waves,ethereum,lisk,counterparty.can someone please highlight why they stick to this project when there’s no product yet and why should i build Dapps on this platform than others.

You are right in saying there are lots of platforms out there, but they all do slightly different things and in different ways. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, though, they are all at an early stage of development so picking winners is very difficult.

The scope of SAFE is more ambitious than most as it is attempting to replace three layers of the Internet protocol rather than one - and because it is not based on a blockchain. Maidsafe have been working on this for more than ten years, which gives them an edge on the newer firms in terms of experience and learning, and so long as it all works out it should be revolutionary. On the other hand, there are never any guarantees.

Ultimately if you have to choose one just pick the one that suits you best.


This page might be useful to you.

Because SAFE has a lot more potential than any other project in this space.



Not sure if it will be helpful directly for your question, but I’ve always found the following as impressive, for a broad perspective on how SAFE will operate: https://safe-network-explained.github.io/safe-for-bitcoiners “SAFE Network explained in Bitcoin/blockchain terms.”

It covers every aspect that people know about Bitcoin by now (after they’ve been interested in Bitcoin and researched it for the past several years), and translates it into the new terminology that people will start having to learn (eventually…!)—once the Safe Net kicks off. In this way, you can pretty much see it as literally Bitcoin reinvented into a vastly more efficient powerhouse, and then some. No wonder it is taking over 10 yrs.


The real thought here is, will maidsafe be left behind because other software will have the market adoption a long time before the safe network is fully released.

The project as great as it sounds continues to drag on and on. The time it is released people will already adopted ethereum, lisk and maidsafe will be left behind.

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99.9% of people in the world never heard of ethereum nor ipfs

what’s the rush?

my ISP doesn’t even support ipv6

I’ve decided I would like to purchase MAID on Poloniex. However, I’m having a problem storing the tokens. I’ve read that the best place to store these tokens would be Omniwallet.org. However, and I don’t know if the site is down for maintenance, I can’t access the website. And I’ve been trying everyday for the last week. I don’t want to store the tokens on Poloniex, or any other exchange, as I’ve read that its just a terrible idea. So, can you, or anyone in the community give me another solid/secure storage alternative other than Omniwallet.org? That would be most appreciated!

Are you using Chrome browser to access omniwallet… the rest are problematic.


Boom! it worked thanks Savage!


You can store MAID in any BTC address to which you have access to the private key. You just need to use an Omni protocol wallet when you want to move the MAID