OK ! so, HERE goes

Edit : Don’t think I’m doing this right but I could not find where it explain how to post…
So, here goes…

Hi folks !!!

Brand newbie one here and I am not sure of what to expect in reality !
I wish to become a FARMER because I can do that easily…
Can’t write apps but I sure know how to use them and I have enough knowledge to suggest good improvement(s) most of the time.
I wanted to join because I think it is the Future od computing and because too many counties (including mine) are now trying to control what, where and how we access the Internet. I’m sure that even some A*Hole somewhere wish to even censor what I want to access. NO WAY !!!
So I wish us all good luck and wish that will catch on BIG TIME !!!


Hi there! Welcome to the community!


Cool ! Thank you…

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I would reccomend reading this to get started: http://systemdocs.maidsafe.net/

Maidsafe isn’t out yet, but the developers are working hard to design the system right the first time. Here is their progress so far: http://maidsafe.net/roadmap#/roadmap

I would suggest looking through the forum if you have any questions because there’s a ton of content out there to be read. :smiley:

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