Oil is never going to recover, its time over

Today I heard an expert saying he thinks oil will be back up and stabilize at $70 a barrel.

I don’t think it will ever recover and I see its demand dropping radically with no adjustment for the glut.
The backwards financial system may destroy itself over stupid conservative bets on oil. The political system may destroy itself over trying to select another Republican idiot. Regardless is thankfully dying quick.

  1. Britan cutting off Saudi oil in a reverse embargo was a strong sign that the days of oil power are over.

  2. China cut its uptake of oil because after the needless crash its understood it must convert to
    domestic consumption.

  3. Iran, Iraq, Russia and US Natural Gas are glutting the market- increased solar input isn’t helping.

  4. The Paris accord and the continued effects of climate change.

  5. The huge spike in the number of electric cars entering the market.

  6. Battery tech and efficient solar making it possible to fully cut the cord on carbon energy.

  7. CA announcing war on the carbon energy industry.

  8. Saudi Arabia cutting its subsidies but at the same time thinking it can kill US natural gas producers
    with a total dumping strategy- shows their panic.

  9. The US treaty with Iran probably means Iran gets to continue pumping at will

  10. The US is no longer dependent on Mid East Oil

  11. Energy storage problems are resolved and the cost of solar will soon be cheaper even than at cost
    carbon energy, clean carbon energy will never be cost effect. Its understood that solar can provide
    more energy than carbon energy.

  12. Green energy is a much higher return proposition that disaster hardens society and gives back
    economic security and stability as it improves political functioning.

  13. Press rep from the Detroit auto show was talking openly about the need for a ban on gasoline and its
    inevitability in coming years.