Oil Bail Out Totally Unacceptable- Permanent Nationalize and Decomission

There is talk of bailing out the wretched oil industry. There is a locale in Michigan where gas has hit 46 cents a gallon. Oil at $30 a barrel its already cheaper than the cost of the barrel that contains it (not that its often in an actual barrel,) Boone Pickens thinks it will go to 20 dollars a barrel. Rockerfellers have been shifting out of oil into clean energy.

Rather than bail them out you let them go bankrupt then you nationalize them and use any proceded to fuel cord cutting forms of solar. This is a perfect opportunity to terminate the oil industry and its influence. No way these clowns are going to be allowed to rape public budgets like the banks just did.

What freaking proceeds?
Why do you think anyone would buy unjustly nationalized private property? That would likely be a very bad investment.

As GWB “Fool me twice … You can’t fool me again”.

Well revenue from remaining product sales as the market winds down.

LOL, just like with tobacco. I’ll better stock up on all the “bad” products!

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