Offtopic discussions moved to #meta concerning a member and forum

@alexdata87 got suspended from the forum after this post until the year 3017. (Click his name)

He’s either very right or very wrong…:rofl:

Best not to mention Alpha 3 anymore…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Why did he get banned?


This is talk that should be in the #meta category since it is discussing forum issues.

We do not discuss the reasons for the sake of the person concerned. How would you like gossip about you?

Suffice to say that people only get suspended or banned because of something serious. Read the forum guidelines if you want a reason why people could get suspended after deliberately violating the guidelines multiple times or for spammers or people trying to illicit money/coins from others.

“We do not discuss the reasons for the sake of the person concerned. How would you like gossip about you?”

If they’re lifetime banned, then it’s not a matter of gossip, it’s fact. Judge, Jury, Convicted, Incarcerated.

If it were open society, the facts would appear in the police blotter section of the paper, and people could freely discuss it.

If, on the other hand, they were only accused, and not yet had a trial/sentencing, that would be a bit different.

Regardless, if I’m a convicted scammer, you have my permission, in advance, to discuss it freely.

#dontdothecrime if #youcantdothetime


See this topic please about this.

Walk in another person’s shoes and you might understand the reasons for it. I think its plain enough.

Just because you are happy to be discussed does not make it right for all. Also that is a statement made by those who think it will never apply to them so they can be happy for their rights to be reduced in a situation they think will never happen to them.

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Yes me too. I agree with his points about this being how an open / democratic due-process society works :slight_smile:


I just updated the suspended member list with both @alexdata87 and @josh97ace which are the same user. We don’t really give out all the details but you really need tot do something before a group of 8 mods decides to block both your accounts and all your IP-addresses.


I’m definitely not questioning the decision to ban someone.

Makes me even more curious about what they did though, heheh. Guess I’ve not been watching enough soap operas :wink:


Those who visit the forum many times a day will often see the postings of this sort of person and realise why they did get their ban, by the posts/topics they made. (Before those posts are hidden by flags or deleted as a result of flags)