OFFLINE Will it be a Quicky? (run 4)


Ah ok, thanks.

At the moment, the --root-dir argument (poorly named in my opinion) of the binary is not exposed on the node join command. We can add that (though I would prefer to call it something like --data-dir-path). We aren’t exposing --log-dir either on node join. Perhaps on the node join command, we can have:

  • --data-dir-path for the path of the data directory
  • --bin-dir-path for the path of the directory where the binary is (at the moment this is called --node-dir-path, but I think the word “node” is redundant in this context, since if we’re on a node join command, we know the argument relates to the node)
  • --log-dir-path for the path of the logs directory

That’s probably what I’d prefer. Not sure it will get done on this side of the year though. Maybe this week if I get time, but I’m gonna take a holiday after this week.


New version of the CLI is available for the next test.


I wondered about that myself but decided you guys knew best…

Much better. Thank you


I would like a step by step guide to start a community network myself, anyone on the task?

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I started a baby-fleming with the latest binaries and almost immediately got another NotEnoughChunks on a put

should be its own topic - NotEnoughChunks


What kind of network are you interested in running? Just one on your local machine?

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I would like to find a way to run from home some nodes, maybe qubesOS in a vm with several sub vms each with its own vpn but its a rough idea just wanna see if I can make it this way.

otherwise I might use the free 100$ offers there are to spaw some “free” nodes for a month


Would you get upset if I tried to upload a 200Mb file?
to try and repeat an earlier NotEnoughChunks error on my local baby-fleming

shows up again

willie@gagarin:~$ safe files put 
FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryynp8dsoxri7n651nonf1w3higd7xakxyppju3jw4qpae6mx59pr1gyeuy?v=hd7tszgzy6ihz7pno98nof3qmgz4nq19dc7ojw5c5odrkha6dmx3y"
+  safe://hyfenryybcj4nmrrycotxo9jyjkqb563rorqteq9945iuibj5e9xzbicpe5ky 
willie@gagarin:~$ safe files put 10
100MBtest  10MBtest   
willie@gagarin:~$ safe files put 10MBtest 
FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryynf3nwxyoxj7k7cq8ko44xhdu6us8pxx8nbzf1cn6tym8jqnquzehoeuy?v=hw1xzgd37ppxufxcpwsqz8fi5kwh1kufen8eoebih37rg4z6bimoo"
+  10MBtest  safe://hyryyyyyb5fu831neyrbe6d51g6iwmzq6ehn9eso1utremsgg8cnb4hysd8gy 
willie@gagarin:~$ safe files put 100MBtest 
FilesContainer created at: "safe://hyryyryynf3s4krbj9aimycumod1ie8dsdudxj89ax3r6yn8hi8zxxz6orsdoeuy?v=hgip1akd6y1eg5cnzxjfqayrb7yyyobuttozu3uwcoggpcnoq1aho"
E  100MBtest  <ClientError(NotEnoughChunks(100, 50))>

Have I broken it with a 200Mb upload?

What is your CPU/memory utilisation? Anything like NotEnoughChunks

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Well, I think setting up that arrangement of VMs is beyond the scope of what we could help you with here, but if you were interested in running a network where some nodes were running on machines on a cloud provider, we have a tool we use to do that:

This is what Josh uses to run his testnets. Basically what this tool does is, it spins up some machines on Digital Ocean and installs some nodes on them. Realistically, you’ll need a bit of technical competency to use it, but myself and probably others in here could help with some guidance around it.


running 4 nodes with wsl2 on windows with ubuntu ubuntu 18lts ubuntu 20lts and debian!


so I need a DO (dah) and a AWS account also?


With the way that the tool works out of the box at the moment, yeah.

You could fork it and modify it if you want to though (not sure how technical you are).

I am studying programming so some fiddle I can do but not much yet… ok thank you for now I am set.


Just to let you know, for this little tool, there’s not really much programming involved. It just uses tools like Terraform, and some shell scripting.


I guess I am not getting any other presents from santa, I’ve been a naughty boy

see if you can get these songs (295MB):

safe files get "safe://hyryyryyneft1wa6btrb6ypp5mw5445h94t14z3btg17uyh6zgq1rq6sc8nzoeuy?v=hnbmauo9afcmqusyqyatu7wansmurmo5amjamton55gy4xp1pdk5o" milonga_mixed

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now thats different… but oddly pleasing :slight_smile:

Playing MPEG stream 1 of 112: (0097) 084 . Don Juan.mp3.mp3 …

MPEG 1.0 L III vbr 48000 j-s

Title: Don Juan Artist: Di Sarli, Carlos
Album: 20 Temas Instrumental
Genre: Tango


glad you enjoyed this!

the network now seems down


How about -dir or -path rather than -dir-path for those with RSI :grimacing:? Using both seems redundant and shorter is better IMO.