[Offline] Playground sn v0.53.0, sn_cli v0.44.0

No, we shouldn’t. I more meant we should allow people the chance to work instantly, not have instant rewards. So yes, you don’t have to wait too long to join but boy do you have to work to get rewarded when you do get a chance :smiley:

Yes true. I don’t know the solution - just asking some probing questions which may not be too helpful at this moment.

But instant access to do some good work where you then get rewarded for your work is what I’m getting at here :smiley:


This could be of interest in relation to default timeout settings:
I previously uploaded a 600mb video, but then failed repedetly to upload a 500mb video (5 trials).
Changing timeout to 1000 (probably excessive) made the upload successful!
So it appears required timeout varies with network load or something like that.


By the way, here’s a pearl for download:

safe cat  safe://hy8ayqyyb1jiokniu9oou954rra7msjxxus9yg1zwytf3py4eh1xyt1ifch5y > Superfly_1972.mp4

I can confirm that if you stop your node, install again, and restart to get the updated log functionality and be able to use tail to follow the log.


safe node killall
safe node install
# optionally remove the old logs:
rm ~/.safe/node/local-node/*2022*
# then your particular safe node join command

Then in another terminal:

tail --follow=name ~/.safe/node/local-node/sn_node.log

Let’s not forget that the Safe network was never about making money. The token just turned out to be (a) necessary (evil), mostly to deter spammers. Personal wealth may become a by-product, especially for early adopters. It would, of course, be nice, but it is not the goal.


The network wasn’t built to make money but it was always part of the process to get it built, and has always used money to incentivise people to get involved, support development by risking capital, to develop applications etc.

So I don’t think it’s fair to frame integration of the token in the running network as a necessarily evil, as something unfortunate. It was described as the “oil” or “fuel” of the network at different times, as much a part of the network as the various algorithms being devised, all in the cause of decentralisation to support universal access to privacy, data sharing and security. The token itself has gone through a range of both implementations and framings (eg no token → token → coin → token).

I see a largely agnostic attitude to money, so long as it supports the fundamentals of Safe Network, which has been a strength. For example it enables the inclusiveness of universal access and has allowed people with very different ideological positions on money to come together with a common interest in the network’s success.

If we started from an ideological position on money we’d have a different network and a different community. I think that’s one of the reasons Safe Network has always felt distinct from just about every other project out there. It’s not about making money but doesn’t demonise money and so can use it appropriately. It has a set of fundamental non-monetary goals which are written down so everyone can decide whether they want in or not, whatever their financial circumstances.

At the same time I have encountered people, intelligent people, who have passed over Safe Network because of their ideological perspective, some see it as about money, while in another case as communistic! :man_shrugging:

People see what they want to see when they have a strong ideological position on money, and I’m pleased we haven’t had to take one in order to come together in support of those fundamentals. I’m glad to have friends here with very different positions between us. It’s been a shock sometimes!

It’s also good to have a place where I get to hear and question things I’ve not understood because my position comes from my history and circumstances, so it’s good to try and hold beliefs lightly, and choose whether to hold on or let go sometimes. But I digress!


Just managed to upload the crow 2gb if anyone is feeling generous can they download an dcheck if it plays?

I’m on a train Train trying to test net via ssh on the juice app on my phone :slight_smile:

safe cat safe://hyryyyyybtuyqxm6pwyacs6i19his36cjnjxhimhaug43foppe7qdhethbxdy > crow.mkv

You’re right. I didn’t express my thoughts very well there. I personally have nothing against money. The more (for me), the better (for me), I say. But I did think that the idea of a token came later in order to address specific “sociotechnical” concerns.


my internet is dead and I use mobile data 4G+ and when I try to safe cat some of the big files my connection fails and I need to reset the tethering in my smartphone!!! very wierd!

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This is a very useful little script for automating the whole installation and node joining procedure using just one command. It works on at least Linux Mint, but probably on many other Linux flavors as well.

The following should be added if possible:

  • Check that moreutils is installed, and install if needed.
  • Turn “wlp1s0” below into a variable so the script can work on different types of connections.
  • Turn “export SN_CLI_QUERY_TIMEOUT=1000” into a variable for easy editing along with the others.

I’m not sure who the original author is. Maybe @neik or @Southside. I just edited it a little bit.


LOCAL_IP=$(echo `ifdata -pa wlp1s0`)
PUBLIC_IP=$(echo `curl -s ifconfig.me`)


rm -rf $HOME/.safe
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/maidsafe/safe_network/master/resources/scripts/install.sh | bash
safe networks add $COMNET https://safe-testnet-tool.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/public-node_connection_info.config
safe networks switch $COMNET
safe node install
echo "install completed"
sleep 2
echo "Local ip address and port"
echo "Public ip address and port"
sleep 2
safe node join --local-addr $LOCAL_IP:$SAFE_PORT --public-addr $PUBLIC_IP:$SAFE_PORT --skip-auto-port-forwarding

I did a bit @Southside did a bit now you did a bit so it’s a communal effort :slight_smile:


I think it’s true that there was a stage without a token, then came “Space coin” (before my time) and that became Safecoin and so on.


Have you managed to forward ports on your smartphone? How?

just using the network not trying to join as a node!

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Failed with standard timeout:

safe cat safe://hyryyyyybtuyqxm6pwyacs6i19his36cjnjxhimhaug43foppe7qdhethbxdy > crow.mkv      Error: 
   0: NetDataError: Failed to GET file: NotEnoughChunksRetrieved { expected: 2209, retrieved: 646 }

Successful with increased timeout:

SN_CLI_QUERY_TIMEOUT=1000 safe cat safe://hyryyyyybtuyqxm6pwyacs6i19his36cjnjxhimhaug43foppe7qdhethbxdy > crow.mkv


Wow that’s the first time iv had luck with a large file:)

How long did it take to get the file?

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I haven’t timed it, but pretty damn quick for a 2gb file, felt like 5 min?
This test net is great so far; the only put and cat that initially failed for me, actually worked with increased timeout.
Well done again @maidsafe !!


Not for me :slightly_frowning_face:

root@localhost:~/testfiles# SN_CLI_QUERY_TIMEOUT=1000 safe cat safe://hyryyyyybtuyqxm6pwyacs6i19his36cjnjxhimhaug43foppe7qdhethbxdy > crow.mkv

Bummer…sn v0.53.0, sn_cli v0.44.0 ?

I updated it as per @happybeing’s post so safe_network-0.54.0/sn_api-0.52.0/sn_cli-0.45.0